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Football Continues After the Super Bowl?

By Matthias Cloppenburg
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The Alliance of American Football: a breakdown.

The Alliance of American Football is the new professional Spring football league set to make a big debut one week after the Super Bowl on February 9, 2019. The league was created to supplement the NFL offseason while displaying regional football talents. The games will be accessible to stream on a free app with Network, CBS and CBS Sports Network. There will be eight distinctly different teams which will play a 10-game season.

The Alliance of American Football was established by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, veterans of NFL executive. Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian were joined by previous NFL stars Hines Ward, who will fill in as an executive for player relations with Troy Polamalu, an ex-Steeler who will add depth into the player relations office. The Alliance of American Football has acquired the best players and the best mentors to be at the highest point of the association. The new league is offering fans a new chance to watch incredible football. 

Here are 4 ways on how the Alliance of American Football will be different from the National Football League 

1. Shorter games:

Are you tired of sitting through a football game that lasts more than three hours? Well, that won't be an issue in the Alliance of American Football. In the AAF, games will be shorter in hopes to not to lose ratings with dragging coverage. AAF's goal is to have all games' duration last no longer than two and a half hours, by using a shorter play clock of 30 seconds (similar to the Canadian Football League instead of the usual 40 seconds in the National Football League) as well as a 60 percent reduction in commercial time. TV timeouts will be non-existent, and commercials won’t interfere with the game unless it’s part of the natural flow of the game.

2. No kickoffs or extra points:

This will ensure that the game will be safer for the players. Kickoffs will be replaced with the offensive team simply being given the ball at its own 25-yard line at the beginning of each possession. Onside kicks will be replaced in the AAF with a chance to gain 10 yards on a single play from the offensive team's own 35-yard line in order to maintain possession. There is essentially the same probability of gaining control of the ball on an onside kick as there is on a fourth-and-10. Extra points will also be absent from the Alliance of American Football, as teams will be required to go for two points following each touchdown.

3. Regional drafts, local players: 

The AAF will include a regional style draft. This will enable local competitors to remain near home and allow fans to cheer for their hometown heroes. This means that, for example, the Arizona Hotshots football team could have a large football roster featuring athletes who played collegiately at Arizona State University, University of Arizona and even North Arizona University. 


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4. Unique player bonuses: 

All 50 players within an Alliance of American Football team will receive a standard base salary. Rewards can be earned in three distinct methods: winning, achieving certain measurable achievements, and fan engagement. Wait... fan engagement? The Alliance of American Football will be the first professional organization in professional sports in which they are creating something around fan engagement bonuses. The Alliance of American Football is looking to help both the fans and the players to have a harmonious relationship, where the better the player does, the fan can compensate the player on the field. This will allow the fans to help structure the players and the Alliance of American Football.  

For more information, official website: Alliance of American Football

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