Dec 14th, 2018, 01:28 PM

Unusual Parisian Hookup Spots

By Amanuel Neguede
People kissing in the street. Image credit: Unsplash/Thought Catalog
Intimacy in public places.

We’ve all heard that Paris is the city of love. How true is that really? This cliche has long crossed the French borders and has become more of an American saying rather than a French reality. It is time to shed some light on good old Parisian love via AUP students.

No more bisous on the Champs de Mars with the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the Parisian night sky. Nor the stolen kiss on the bateau mouche along the seine. Here at AUP, we have a more creative student body when it comes to the art of love. Here are some strange spots your fellow AUP members have been "romantic."

Anita, 19

When it gets heated who do you call? The firefighters! Anita’s weirdest making out session was in the back of a taxi, with two Firefighters. Sorry, little clarification: Anita only kissed one of them. “I was very tipsy and it was an accident” she admits.

Basil, 20

While some might say that McDonalds bathrooms are pretty dirty, others use them to do the dirty. “There’s nothing better to do after a big fat Big Mac” says Basil smoking a cigarette on the Amex terrace. Basil’s weirdest location in Paris was the bathroom of the McDonalds at Porte Maillot in the 16th arrondissement.

Mohammed, 24

For some, thinking about the weirdest place they’ve hooked up in Paris is hard question. Mohammed is terrified of public display of affection, and kissing a girl in public is already a weird thing to do. “I kissed a girl on the terrace of the cafe” he tells me giggling “I hate doing these thing”.

Julia, 18

“Walking home from a bar” was the moment Julia had the urge to kiss her partner. Hidden in a random little street, a motorcycle was Julia’s choice. “I really wanted to kiss him” she says. Who’s motorcycle was it? She tells me laughing at the situation “It wasn’t either of ours.”

Mike*, 26

Some are very private - like Mohammed for example - and others are not at all. For Mike, leaving the school campus isn’t necessary at all! The Combes fifth-floor bathroom is not just the best bathroom for its regular purposes, according to Mike, it serves other purposes very well too. “We walked in together,” he tells me “ it was during classes but it’s always empty on the fifth floor.”

Alizée, 19

Alizée's favorite spot to make out is a very busy, public one. We've all witnessed the lovebirds in the metro, exchanging languorous kisses in the metro. Alizée takes once advantage of the long escalator ride to metro six at the Motte Picquet Grenelle station.

*Name has been changed to avoid  potential repercussions.