Apr 16th, 2017, 05:42 PM

Tips for a Getting a Perfect Booty

By Moumi Camara
Image credit: Shutterstock/Pink Panda
Big butts are in. Here are 5 tips for getting the "plump rump" look.

One of today's top body obsessions is the perfect booty. Big butts are in. 

Where did the "plump rump" fascination come from? It's not a new trend. Women of color have embodied this look for centuries without becoming cultural icons. Big butts didn't become popular until they showed up in music videos. Then came curvy celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez. Now millions of girls emulate these celebs by posting "butt selfies" on Instagram and other social networks. 

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Our cultural obsession with big butts has spawned a cosmetic surgery industry as more and more women will do anything to get the perfect booty look. In recent years, butt enhancements — augmentations, lifts, and implants — have become one of the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedures. In the past, butt augmentation procedures used silicone injections. Today surgeons transfer fat from anywhere in the body and inject it into the buttocks. It's known as the "Brazilian butt" lift.

How much to these procedures cost? Prices vary regionally, but Brazilian butt lifts generally start at about $11,000, whereas butt implants and lifts start at $4,500. 

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There is another option if you don’t want to pay for a booty but still want to get a rounder and bigger butt before your trip to the beach this summer.

Here are some tips to getting the perfect booty.

1) Eat, Eat, Eat. The perfect booty isn't achieved by starving but requires that you to follow a simple diet — nothing that you aren't already eating or can't be easily added to your diet. Protein carbs and fats are a great way to gain a bigger butt. Foods such as eggs, chicken, salmon, and steak are rich in protein and can be easily made into a delicious recipe. Along with these proteins you can add rice and sweet potatoes. Peanut butter sandwiches also do the job. 

2) Butt enhancement creams. An alternative to surgery and implants, creams are a great way to enhance your butt. Ingredients in these creams — volufiline and voluplus — help stimulate fat cells which cause the buttocks to grow larger and denser. Other ingredients like cocoa butter help smooth out skin and stretch marks. 

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3) Working out. Exercise is a natural way of getting a bigger and rounder booty. Start by working out a minimum of three times per week. Your exercise routine should be at least 20 minutes. But what kind of exercise? Great butt workouts include squats, lunges, hip raises, leg extensions.

4) Getting a smaller waist. A smaller waist gives you a curvy figure and bigger hips, which in turn makes you appear like you have a bigger butt. Waist trainers are not a health option as they can provoke rip-damage and dislocation as well as cause trouble breathing. To achieve a smaller waist you'll need to exercise. Maintain a routine and have a schedule. Recommended exercises include side planks, Russian twists, and cardio.

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5) Visual tricks (angles). For this trick, there's no need to work out or go for cosmetic surgery. You can visually making your butt appear bigger by using proper angles while taking photos. Knowing how to twist your body to capture a "bootyful" picture is important. Along with finding the right angle, you need to wear clothes that accentuate your curves. Jeans or pants that have a stretch hug your body's natural curves. When jeans or pants are too tight, they flatten our your butt.

Good luck on your bootyful booty!