Oct 13th, 2020, 08:00 AM

There’s SomeTing in the Air

By Thalia Weissman
At home gym. Image Credit: Thalia Weissman
An individual’s journey to becoming fit featuring Chloe Ting.

We all had something that helped us get through the confinement period. Some of us got into cooking, others binge-watching, a few sewing, and everything else in between. However, some of us (including me) got into fitness; the Chloe Ting workout programs in particular. If you do not know who Chloe Ting is, she is a fitness YouTuber whose clickbait titles such as "Get Abs in Two Weeks" have garnered global attention. I don't have a strong online presence so I had no idea she even existed until my sister told me she had started doing her workouts and asked if I wanted to join her. At this point into confinement (three months) I had already started changing my lifestyle to become more fit, so I figured it wouldn't be too bad. But there's a reason she says abs in two weeks, because my goodness was I working myself hard. Did I get abs? No. But did I learn about healthy living and find success on my own terms? Yes. 

Chloe Ting

So how did I do it? How did I find success and not feel upset by me looking different than Chloe Ting? I started this process with the mindset of "my genetics will not allow me to look like her." Chloe Ting is an extremely fit and petite woman who clearly lives in the gym. Not like me in any way. I have fat rolls on my stomach and my thighs are never apart. So starting with the goal of just trying to get more fit and enjoying the process created a mostly positive experience. There were days I just couldn't work out, where I hit a wall, where a workout got cut short and I wanted to cry. It wasn't easy. I wouldn't say it was the workouts themselves but rather the emotional journey I went through at the same time that affected these grueling workouts. 

See, I wasn't just doing the Chloe Ting workouts. I started running two miles every day. I completely changed my diet. I stopped consuming dairy, alcohol, and only ate meat once a day max. Chloe Ting for me was a jumping-off point. She gave my strength training structure but that was about it. My experience, although attached to Chloe Ting, had very little to do with this stranger on the internet. I was going through a mental and physical transformation I had started and continued on my own terms. Some days my fitness consumed me, and what I ate stressed me out because it wasn't conducive to my diet. Other days I ate chocolate and didn't feel guilty. My emotions ebbed and flowed but my physical progress continued. Throughout all this, however, I never gave up or gave in to the pressure. I just kept pushing myself and instead of overcompensating for a day missed I continued on as usual. I gave myself leniency. 

Even after confinement ended, I kept going, and exercising and cooking healthy meals became a habit. Chloe Ting's website and programs were easy to follow and free. It is important to note is that while anyone can do the program, to already be somewhat in shape or halfway through the process already made it much easier. By the time I was in France, I was three months into my fitness journey. While doing dumbbell burpees and shoulder presses wasn't exactly easy, I was able to push through and keep going. 

I had been a person who went through phases of working out, but this time I finally found lasting results and success. For starters, I changed my lifestyle completely. Secondly, I had a mindset where I knew better than to expect certain results. And lastly, I didn't quit. Some days I couldn't find the motivation, or maybe I took a week off; it's okay to need a break. You aren't going to lose all the progress you have made, and although I didn't believe in that sentiment every day, I tried my best to at least say it to myself. Some days I was too strict and pushed myself too hard, but changing your lifestyle takes patience and understanding. Through the Chloe Ting programs and all the extra work I did on the side I learned how to lead a healthy lifestyle while also enjoying myself. I still haven't found total balance yet, but I am learning to accept my strengths and weaknesses; which is ultimately the most important thing.