Nov 30th, 2018, 01:08 PM

Jet Journal: the New Social Platform

By Alejandra Lopez
Image Credit: Unsplashed/Rawpixel
Find, plan, and share your experiences.

Jet Journal is a new social platform app created March of 2017, made for you to plan, find and share your experiences. It is now available in the app store and can be downloaded for free for anyone interested in adventure or just on the everyday life. 

Jet Journal feed in App. Image Credit: Jet Journal

In December of 2018 Jet Journal 2.0 will be launching. Maddy Odom, the creator of this applications, stated that “jet journal is an app created to help people find, share and plan experiences in a more elevated way that social platforms allow, and it is made for creatives of all types.” She explains that the new version of the app “is more for photographers, blogger, travellers- more of a storytelling platform where people can tell their stories from”. The biggest difference was that the first version was solely based on travel and now the new version will focus on being a lifestyle social application.

City Spotlight posts on Jet Journal. Image Credit: Jet Journal. 

Maddy, a sophomore at the American University of Paris, stated that being a college student and very passionate for travel, she found herself frequently wasting time trying to research places she wanted to visit and finding recommendations, as she never found much. When she moved to Paris and started traveling around Europe, she started becoming really interested in photography so she wanted a place where she could put all of this tougher and “save all of these ideas in a more organized way”. 

She currently works mainly on Jet Journal and is taking fewer classes at AUP, because the work she does on her app, including all the meetings and everything around it, is very time-consuming. For her, the main focus in her life right now is her app taking off, because this moment in time is vital, so she is doing all she can to grow it right away into success. 

Coffee Spot recommendation post on Jet Journal. Image Credit: Jet Journal. 

Mathew Fraser, a Professor of Communications at the American University of Paris commented that "It's very impressive to see a student like Maddy, at her young age, designing and developing a storytelling app as a real business. She obviously has a clear vision and tremendous focus and discipline. Proof of that is the fact that she is returning home to Texas to raise funding to take the business to the next level. Jet Journal already has momentum on social media. If it takes off, we at AUP may one day be bragging that Maddy is one of our alums."

Jet Jornal home page website. Image Credit: Jet Journal 

This application is available in the app store, and just as Maddy says it is created for "Travelers, creatives and storytellers of all kinds". For more information visit the Jet Journal website or download the app and create an account to start exploring the world.