Mar 14th, 2018, 12:00 PM

How to Recover From 2017

By Sophia Foerster
Making the best out of the worst.

Most people can agree that the year 2017 was the worst one yet. From political disgrace and economic issues to social changes, the world felt like it was falling apart. It is now more than three months into 2018, and 2017 remains the punchline in conversations around the world. It's hard to cope with the facts of what exactly went wrong last year. Here are some steps to recovering from this Trump-infested year and how society can move forward:

1. Allow yourself time to mourn

It's been a long year for us all, from Trump to Trump, to even more Trump, everyone has experienced some kind of loss. But don't try to fight it or forget it; allow yourself to mourn how truly horrible 2017 was. Take to Twitter and Facebook and release all that built-up opinionated tension itching at your fingertips.

2. Don't try to force it

Hey, we're all feeling it too. This cloud-like feeling that we wasted a whole year of our lives on fidget spinners, Jake Paul, and unicorn frappuccinos. The reality is that you can't force the healing process! It'll happen slowly but surely, and with each passing year, 2017 will turn into a distant memory (hopefully). Find comfort in the thought that there is a community of supporters -most of the world population- who understand what you're going through and are there for each you.

3. Patience is a virtue

It is well known that the internet is not a patient place, especially with instant gratification that comes from social media. With presidential tweets proclaiming that fake news is indeed real, the world is left in a vortex of uneasiness. The key to getting out of the vortex? Good old patience and waiting it out. Only time can heal those wounds.

If you need something to count down to in the coming years, feel free to watch the clock count down until Trump is out of office right here.

4. Be prepared to deal with waves of emotions

Sometimes the crippling fear that 2018 could be worse is enough to send ourselves into a hermit-like hibernation- that couch-laying, internet-diving, Uber eats-only kind of depression we all know so well. But just like the multitude of different eyebrow trends that came and went in 2017, this too shall pass. Stock up on ice cream and catch up on Riverdale to lessen the pain.

Better yet, use art as a way to express what 2017 meant to you. For many artists, 2017 was a year of resistance as seen here.

5. Focus on the positive!

Although it sounds completely cliché, it's common to focus on the worst when reflecting on the past. Unfortunately, this negative outlook leaves out all of the incredible things that went unnoticed. The world won't be able to forget 2017, but focusing on the positive aspects can bring a little more comfort to us all and bring society closer together. To help begin, below is Upworthy video of some of the best things that happened this past year:

2017 may have been the worst, but 2018 could be the best if the world learns from its past mistakes and searches for solutions. With these tools of recovery, we can hopefully find solace in knowing that time is a socially constructed idea. The truth is that one specific year cannot actually amount to anything as years do not exist. If anything, now is the best moment to actually make a difference in the world by changing it together as team Earth!