Feb 5th, 2018, 07:38 PM

Dinner Delivered to Your Door

By Farah Hayat
Image Credit: Shutterstock
The guide to food delivery services in Paris.

Food delivery services have become a trend in the past few years due to the smartphone apps that have made everything even simpler. With this abundance of available food delivered to your door, these are the three most popular services in Paris. Compare these so that you can be confident that your dinner tonight will be delivered swiftly and smoothly.

Uber Eats

Image Credit: Flickr/Shopblocks

Uber Eats is a subsidiary of the famous Uber taxi service, which had me confused in the early times of Uber Eats (would the Uber driver go to the drive-through of McDonald’s and deliver me food in his car?) But no, the only difference between the apps is that instead of following a mini car icon on the map, it’s a tiny person on a bike.

Uber Eats is very convenient when you already have an Uber account and a credit card attached to it, so that all you have to do is press the order button. The bill is sent in the same way as when you have taken an Uber ride (which is great to use as an excuse when my parents receive the Uber bill and I can say—no don’t worry, I didn’t leave the house that late, I just ordered some food).

Uber Eats has many different restaurants available on its app, and the list keeps on growing as more and more restaurants start joining the online food delivery services.

Prices on Uber Eats depend on the amount of food you order and at which restaurant, with the delivery fee of 2,50.

Uber Eats does not have any minimum orders.

Delivery between 08:00 – 00:00, 7 days a week.


Image Credit: Flickr/Akuppa John Wigham

Deliveroo is about as commonly known among students as Uber Eats, but there is one difference and that is that Chipotle is now available to order on Deliveroo. Chipotle has never had a delivery system until now, and Uber Eats does not have access to it, which gives Deliveroo a competitive edge.

I spoke with a Deliveroo driver for some insight into his job. He works 55 hours a week and he says that he earns a nice 3700 euros a month, but excluding gas costs for his scooters. He works for multiple food delivery services, at a total of almost 2000 restaurants, including Uber Eats. The driver told me that he prefers working for Deliveroo, as they give their drivers financial guarantee. For example, if it happens that he does not make any deliveries within the time that he works, he will still get paid by Deliveroo. Uber Eats does not do this.

The restaurants offered on Deliveroo will depend on the location you are at and which restaurants are available to deliver to you.

Deliveroo states a 2,50 delivery fee.

Delivery from morning until late at night, with different restaurants having different opening times.

Can order up to 24 hours in advance for a scheduled delivery. 


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Mapevi21cat

Glovo has currently gotten the interest of students at AUP, from which they can order literally anything. Is your battery dying and do u need a charger delivered? Or are you craving a certain smoothie from your favorite juice bar? Glovo will bring it to you. Life has never been easier.

The riders for Glovo are called Glovers and I spoke to one of them who says he most often has to deliver from places such as pharmacies, the McDonald’s, KFC and indeed, Chipotle. Unlike the driver from Deliveroo, the Glover works solely for Glovo, 12 hours a day. He stated that the tipping culture is very rare in France and tipping is very rare.  

Glovo is very popular among AUP students. Junior Kristina Arevadze, majoring in History, Law & Society, describes her use of the app, “I use Glovo a couple of times per month, mostly to get stuff like water or laundry detergent because they are too heavy to carry. Also, I used to order McDonalds or Chipotle but now that Deliveroo offers delivery, I no longer need Glovo for that.”

Glovo is a tad more expensive than other food delivery services, as they charge a 10% service charge on whatever you order, so your Chipotle burrito suddenly becomes a bit more expensive.

Delivery of your errands between 9:00 and 23:00. 365 days a year.