Apr 19th, 2017, 02:42 PM

Companions of AUP: Stella McBarkney

By Leah Levine
Image Credit: Natalie Gilhool

Doe-eyed Parisian Stella could be a potential suitor for Scotch Hutter, another Companion of AUP.

Where did Stella get her name from?

"I'm a fan of Stella McCartney and her advocacy for animals in the fashion industry. I thought Stella McBarkney was a funny little tribute to her work in creating and promoting cruelty-free and sustainable fashion." 

Image Credit: Natalie Gilhool

What does your relationship entail?

"Our relationship definitely requires listening to each other - do I sound like a crazy dog person yet? I can tell if she needs to go the bathroom, wants to go on a walk, needs water etc. by the way she acts, or she'll let me know in her own 'dog way'. Cavaliers are known to be lap dogs, so whenever possible she gets right on my lap, which is very comforting. Generally, if she goes on a long walk, she'll reward me with cuddles and I am always comforted by her presence."

Do you believe the myth that you and your dog start to resemble each other after a period of time?

"I do believe the myth! I don't know if it's the chicken before the egg sort of situation and humans unconsciously choose dogs that have similar characteristics, but it's very often you see humans with their dogs and they either both have curly hair, or the same coloration- or even just similar dispositions."

Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/photo

There is a psychological study that says that you and your dog can share similar ways of interaction, do you agree? 

"I do agree that dogs have similar ways of interactions with their humans, and that's because animals play off of the energy that's given to them. I find it funny that sometimes if a person is around a dog and they don't love dogs, the dog tries harder to please them, in a way almost like humans. Dogs learn from their humans and the rules that humans teach them. For instance, I'm a relaxed person, and generally a people pleaser- I find it hard to be mad at people. This has translated to Stella as she knows how to get a treat very quickly out of me (because she knows she can get it) as well as why in the street she says hello to everyone that passes. This is a generalization, but I find it interesting that there is a difference between American dogs and French dogs - American dogs seem to be more "part of the family" where as French dogs there seems to be a bit of a space between their owners- and this probably has to do with them being more trained."

Anything else for all the dog lovers out there?

"...is that when you have a dog, you really understand the whole man's best friend thing. We both want to be around each other, and there's something special about having something or someone that while may love everyone, follows only you everywhere- even when I take a shower Stella will be waiting right outside for me. I know there are studies that dogs can't truly love humans, but no words have to be spoken to know the loyalty and trust that has been made between us."

Image Credit: Natalie Gilhool

If you are obsessed with Stella, she is a avid social media user on IG

Additional reporting by Eliza Alexandra Brown.