Dec 11th, 2018, 06:30 PM

Christmas Markets: How secure are they?

By Annelyse Gaston-Carrere
Christmas market in Tuileries. Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere
During the holiday season, enjoy a nice walk in two of the biggest Christmas markets in Paris without worrying about security issues.

Tis the season! Walk along the Christmas markets around Paris and enjoy the Christmas vibe before the winter break. Appreciate the different stands that offer you things ranging from beauty to homemade products. Feel free to buy some churros, chestnuts, French specialties or go have fun on rides! 

However, one thing still stays in the back of our mind when going to these big events: security. So, how well secured are these Christmas markets?

Tuileries market 

As we know, the Christmas market on the Champs Elysées is no longer taking place. Thus, to maintain popularity and attract tourists, a Christmas market in the center of Paris was necessary. The Tuileries garden the perfect idea.

On one side of the market, you can have a calming and Christmas-like walk along the various stands that offer great gift ideas. On the other side, you can find a fun and fair-like environment with rides and many food stands and restaurants.

Car ride at the Tuileries market. Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere

Among these rides, you can find Christmas car rides, a haunted house ride, a slide, and many other fair-like attractions. Many restaurants can be found in that area of the market as well as other stands that you would generally find at fairs.

When talking to the people holding their stands at the market, Peacock Plume asked about the security of the market and how secure people felt. Especially with the protests of the gilets jaunes of last Saturday, December 1. One man, Philippe Carpentier, told us that he had felt as if nothing was going on and the only gilet jaunes that were in the market were just here to walk around and have a drink. A woman told Peacock that nothing went on, families just walked around and there was no fights or tensions at the market; the gilets jaunes themselves told her they would never attack a Christmas market where children would be present. 

Philippe Carpentier's stand: Gueules de Bois. Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere

Safety is ensured at this market as the gilets jaunes would never go and wreck the market. In more general terms, two security guards are present at each entrance of the market checking bags and who comes in. A security guard told the Plume that policemen dress in civil clothes go around the market to ensure security. So, be reassured. You can go into this market without worrying about safety.

If you plan on having a fun and fair-like ambiance, go to this market and enjoy ice skating at a small skate ring. If you are more into the traditional Christmas markets, look for other markets. For example, the one at La Défense or smaller ones found everywhere around Paris.  

Dates: 24 November 2018 - 6 January 2019

Metro: Tuileries, Line 1


Ride at Tuileries garden. Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere

La Défense 

The market at the business district of Paris, La Défense, is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets near Paris. With around 300 stands offering a variety of product to the consumers, enjoy a great walk with family or friends in a convivial environment.

La Défense Christmas Market. Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere

In the beginning, enter the market and go make a wish at the foot of the wish tree. The market is split into two different markets with different ambiance to them but the variety of products are equally impressive. You can go from phone cases, to perfumes and to ecological speakers that require no charge. In addition to the many stands, a few bars and small food stands are available to customers while they walk around the markets. 

Concerning security, two security guards are at every entrance, checking bags and making sure all goes well during the event. Here again, you can go and visit the market without worrying about security and enjoy the nice Christmas walk and get ready to find all your gifts at this amazing market! 

Dates: 22 November 2018 - 29 December 2018 

Metro: La Défense 


Wish tree. Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere