Apr 16th, 2018, 12:00 PM

Caffeine Boost À Emporter

By Valeriia Serova
Image Credit: Pixabay/ Alexas_Fotos
Three cafés that defy the struggle of finding coffee to-go in Paris.

Who could tell you more about coffee-to-go than a coffee lover? Only a full time university student and a part-time coffee-lover; someone who is looking for the mix of good taste, convenient price and rapid service. Personally, I cannot start my day off without a huge cup of coffee (preferably a caramel latte). My addiction to coffee and distrust for Starbucks came in handy after all- after a year of studying in Paris, I have discovered that “to go” does not necessarily mean Starbucks. Let's go on a “luscious” trip to the secret places with Parisian coffee and American service. Here, you can find three places which offer coffee-to-go (and are located near the AUP area).

1. Coutume Café

Image Credit: Valeriia Serova

In 2011, two gurus of the Parisian "coffee revolution" opened a café with ideal French coffee, cozy student atmosphere and elements of a New York loft. Coutume can often be seen in the top spot of online lists of the best coffee houses in Paris, and, trust me, good quality is not the only reason. Here you can start a day with good coffee, granola or banana pancakes. The cafe, which is located on 47 Rue de Babylone, did not lose the quality of roasting coffee beans by providing to-go service. It is the rich flavor and taste of the drink that made Coutume a favorite for coffee lovers. Furthermore, on average you will pay the same as Starbucks coffee with better quality coffee. For example, a large Càfe Créme costs €4-5, an espresso shot is €2, and lattes sell for around €4.  Not a bad alternative, huh?

2. Kozy

Image Credit: Valeriia Serova

Conveniently located near the picturesque Seine in the seventh arrondissement of Paris you can find another cushy place. Kozy has everything any “on the go” person can dream about: delicious food and the best coffee, both of which can be easily taken to the class or office. The café has multiple locations in Paris and, luckily enough, one of them can be found on 79 Avenue Bosquet, which is 10-15 minute walk from the AUP campus. In an urban-chic atmosphere, the process of coffee preparation is completely personalized depending on your tastes: a double-shot of espresso, an extra syrup or a specific type of milk can be added to any drink. This young French brand with American name offers tasty coffee, a huge variety of healthy fresh homemade pastries, smoothies and all of this is à emporter! Here you can get a medium Latte with caramel (I am also a caramel addict) for just €4.70, and yogurt, chocolate or banana cake sells for €2.70-3.70. If you are in the mood of getting something filling, grab a salad (€5-6), or a small granola bowl (€3.70). Also, there are always incentives such as a loyalty card which provides a free drink or a free lunch depending on the number of coupons you have.

3. Le Pain Boulanger

Image Credit: Valeriia Serova

This small cafe on 16 Avenue Rapp is a typical Parisian boulangerie full of freshly made pastries, sandwiches, and, of course, coffee. Surprisingly, here you can enjoy your time sitting next to the Eiffel Tower drinking a café crème or take it with you if you're in a rush. Le Pain Boulanger is one of those coffee places we always see in trendy Parisian pictures. It is located literary around the corner of the AUP library and always offers not only affordable Parisian coffee but also hot goodies to bite on your way to school. A cup of coffee for €3-4 and an Italian sandwich for €5 will definitely make your day!