Dec 20th, 2018, 05:00 AM

The AUP Holiday Guide

By Kathleen Sharp
A quick holiday guide to make your winter break the best one yet!

The holiday season is a giving time of year. Before you it's time to buy gifts for your loved ones, check out some of the choices listed below:

1. A thoughtful Uber gift card!

Uber is the AUP student's transport of choice when late to a 9 AM class... or any time of day, really. But, Uber drains your friends' wallets. Watch their faces glow with joy when they see the heartfelt gift card you got them. The Bird electric scooters would be a great option, too, but there is no gift card payment option yet.

Ahh, Parisian traffic. Image Credit: Flickr/Damien Roué

2. A Louis Vuitton Gilet Jaune! 

Look no further for a French article of clothing. Bérets are out, but the perfect vest is in. It's handy, it goes with everything. An LV monogram neon vest is a clear choice for your chic, politically-aware fashionista friends.

The Macrons model this season's hottest streetwear. Image Credit: Le Lorrain/Franck Kremer

3. A cobblestone from the Gilets Jaunes protests

For that Francophile back home, give a piece (or chunk!) of French history. During the Gilets Jaunes protests, lots of cobblestones got turned loose and thrown through windows. It's akin to buying a piece of the Berlin Wall when visiting there but French and free! This is an affordable, sentimental gift for the history lover in your life. 

A man picks up his wife's Christmas present. Image Credit: Peacock Plume/Ali Benzerara

4. A Peacock Magazine!

For the bookworm back home: pick up a copy of this semester's magazine! A great last-minute gift, the magazine is entirely produced by AUP students and entirely free.


The table of contents of this year's magazine! Image Credit: AUP Student Media

Here's what to watch this break on your plane ride home:

The Christmas Chronicles (2018) available for download on Netflix.

The Christmas Chronicles is a new Netflix original about a brother and sister trying to catch Santa Claus on camera but who wind up going on an adventure instead! 

Kurt Russell stars as Father Christmas. Image Credit: Netflix

The Santa Clause (1994) available to be streamed on Netflix. 

The Santa Clause is a 90s classic about a man who accidentally kills Santa and has to take his place to save Christmas!

Tim Allen portrays an advertising executive who unwillingly becomes Santa. Image Credit: Netflix

Happy holidays, AUP. Above all, enjoy your winter break, you deserve it. As AUP President Celeste Schenck says, "In a world of turmoil and change, may this holiday season bring joy into every home, peace into every heart."