Dec 10th, 2019, 07:04 PM

10 Best Gifts to Get Your Partner this Christmas

By Samira Safarzadeh
Image credit:, Pexels
Christmas Gifts
Don't know what gifts to get? No worries, here's a list to help

Christmas is right around the corner, and some of us still have no idea what we to get for our significant other. If that sounds like you, then here are 10 affordable gifts that your partner will absolutely love. 

Body Care

Rituals offers the perfect gift set for anyone. The gift set offers the full package when it comes to body care, it's luxurious yet affordable. Plus, it smells great. What's better than coming out of the shower smelling good? The gift set can easily be found in any Rituals store, as well as on their website. 

Ritual of Sakura gift set. Image Credit: Rituals 

Ritual of Samurai gift set. Image Credit: Rituals 


Polaroid Camera 

Fuji film Instax Mini is an affordable and high-quality gift. We all love capturing the moment. With an Instax mini, you instantly have the photo in your hands to put in your pocket or on to hang on your wall as a momento. You can buy one at Fnac or order it from Amazon. 

Blue Fuji film Instax Mini. Image Credit: Amazon

Personalized Lighter  

If your significant other lives in Paris and smokes, consider gifting a personalized lighter which is both cute and practical. You can order one from Etsy, but pay attention as the shipping costs vary by location.

Lighter. Image Credit: Etsy, fromwillow 


Not only do plants last longer than flowers, they are also amazing decor in your home and are good for your health. Taking care of plants can be therapeutic and relaxing. Succulents and cacti are low-maintenance. They make the perfect gift for a college student and can be bought in nearly any flower or plant shop.

Beautiful plants on a white background. Image Credit: Pexels/Element5 Digital 


Jewelry can be a sentimental, long-lasting gift for your partner. Some ideas include necklaces or rings with their name, initials or zodiac sign. Jewelry is something everyone can appreciate, just make sure it is their taste.

Woman holding a necklace. Image Credit: Pexels/Elena Buzmakova (borisova) 


If your partner is an art enthusiast, you can get a mug with their favorite art work on it. If not, you can always go for a personalized mug and put on it whatever you wish. Mugs with artwork can be found on Amazon and at museums. 

Mug with Van Gogh's painting on it. Image Credit: Amazon, Culturenik


If your partner is a bookworm and the best way to win their heart is through books, go to a bookstore and pick a book that you know your partner will like. If you want to tell something through that book then maybe consider getting a love poetry book. Or a new edition of one of their favorites. For English speakers in Paris you can go to Shakespeare & Company, The Abbey Bookshop or simply order from Amazon.

Books are our friends. Image Credit: Pexels/Ylanite Koppens


Scented candles will create a relaxing atmosphere. It will evoke the atmosphere of pleasure and romance. Choose a scent to your partner's liking and voilà,  it is the perfect gift. Muji currently has a great deal on their scented candles, four at the price of three. 

Scented candles from Muji. Image Credit: Muji

Face Masks

If your partner is obsessed with skincare this is the perfect gift for them. Even if they are not, trust me they will secretly enjoy a self-indulgent mask. What's better is that you can create a pamper night for the both of you. The best place to find face masks is Sephora, they have a wide variety of brands. 

Skin care is important. Image Credit: Pexels/Daria Shevtsova 


Sometimes the best gifts are the practical ones. You can get creative with brightly colored socks, or stick to simple black or white. Play with different lengths and patterns. There is a sock for nearly every movie or art; find what your partner likes and get a sock related to it.

A variety of socks. Image Credit: Unsplash/Gabriel González 

Remember at the end of the day what matters is that you get something sentimental and personal. Dig through your memory to remember that one thing your partner just won't stop talking about, and get it as a surprise. Paying attention to what your partner says matters most when it comes to gifts and winning their heart.