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TeaYammi: the Most Authentic Bubble Tea in Paris

By Rosie Liu
Oolong tea with cream cheese and mango green tea with cream cheese. PC Youru Shen
If you're looking for the taste of Taiwan, TeaYammi's the perfect place.

In the past two years, bubble tea, originating from Taiwan, has become one of the biggest trends among teenagers and young adults all over the world. It is tasty, photogenic, and you can modify the drink however you want. There are many places that serve bubble tea in Paris, but if you ask me, a Taiwanese, I will have to be brutally honest with you: TeaYammi is my only to-go place in this city.

TeaYammi in the 1st arr. Picture credit: Rosie Liu


TeaYammi is located on a hidden street in the 1st arrondissement. You might even get lost if you are not very familiar with this area. But once you have had a drink from this store, you will never forget about it again.

Once you step in, you'll notice the mural on the left. The interior of the store has style blended between MUJI and a Northern European style, which has been designed by the owner, Mr. Tsai. Many paintings in the store, including one of the murals, were drawn by Mr. Tsai's daughter.

Interior of TeaYammi. Picture credit: Youru Shen


The drinks TeaYammi serves are mainly divided into seven categories: milk tea, fruit tea, ginger tea, tea with cream cheese, mocktail with tea, special latte, and pure tea. You can add the black pearl, commonly known as “boba,” into your drink if you want. Every single cup of tea sold is freshly brewed upon order. Many ingredients they use, for example, the tea leaves, jam, sugar, and pearl, are all directly imported from Taiwan.

On top of drinks, TeaYammi also serves cakes and some pastries. According to Mr. Tsai, he tried to blend in as much tea in the pastries as possible, aiming for a more Asian style in the pastries.   

I had a short interview with Mr. Tsai. He came to Paris many years ago as an architect and decided to stay. Approximately three years ago, he had the idea of opening his own bubble tea shop in Paris. It took him more than a year to prepare, and he finally launched the store in May 2018.

I also asked about the name of the store. The idea of the name came from “tea” plus “yummy.” However, French people tend to pronounce “yummy” as “yumi” due to the spelling. Therefore, he decided to stick with the pronunciation and came up with the name “TeaYammi.”

Mr. Tsai, the owner of TeaYammi. Picture credit: Rosie Liu


I also asked Mr. Tsai to recommend some drinks for those who have never been to the store. The number one to-go drink is the traditional milk tea, milk plus pearls. For those who prefer green tea, green tea with passion fruit is also very classic. Tea with cream cheese might be a little challenging for first-timers, but if you are willing to try, Mr. Tsai recommends mango green tea with cream cheese. Many Taiwanese people don't really drink milk tea, but rather tea with cream cheese.

TeaYammi is not the only bubble tea shop in the area. There are two more bubble tea shops within one-minute walking distance and at least three more in ten minutes. Yet, Mr. Tsai has confidence in the products he serves.

TeaYammi fresh brews every cup of tea upon order. Plus, many ingredients are directly imported from Taiwan. The ingredients they use are sure to be one of the best in town. However, since TeaYammi brews their tea upon order, it takes longer for them to make a drink compared to other chain stores nearby. Yet, this won't change the fact that TeaYammi is the best, most authentic bubble tea in Paris. 

Where to find TeaYammi:

Address: 10 Rue des Moulins, 75001 Paris, France

Hours: 12PM - 10PM everyday

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teayammi/ 

  • Photo credit: Rosie Liu

  • Photo credit: Rosie Liu

  • Photo credit: Rosie Liu

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