Oct 15th, 2020, 03:07 AM

The Parisian Coffee Tour

By Sarah Farr
Image Credit: Peacock Plume Photo Reserve
A list of 9 Anglo-style coffee shops to quench that flat white craving.

The Amex café, that morning espresso shot with a perfect layer of crema on top, or a rushed café au lait snagged from a brasserie right before class; all of these are wonderful and very French options to get that daily caffeine fix. But where do you go when you want to break out of the AUP stomping grounds, and just sit down with your laptop to get some work done? More than that, where can you do this without earning an if-looks-could-kill scowl from the waiter?

Finding a New Zealand-style flat white (a stronger version of a latte that has latte art as a critical requirement) can be difficult in Paris, let alone an accompanying environment where writing that essay isn't criminally un-Parisian. The following list of Anglo-style coffee shops is a selection of my personal favorites; places where I have spent hours doing work, ranting to friends, and getting to know the lovely servers. After two years of living in Paris and working as a professional barista on the weekends, you will be sure to find your next favorite coffee spot somewhere on this list. 

1) Café Lomi, 3 bis rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris

Lomi is one of Paris's first coffee roasters to mass-produce and distribute coffee beans to the majority of other cafe's in Paris. If you go to any given Anglo-style coffee shop, chances are their beans come from Lomi. Located next to the Senegalese/Algerian neighborhood, La Goutte D'or, the café boasts minimalist fixtures: "socializing tables" for those looking to share a cup of hot bean juice with a friend, or a spot at the community work table where laptops are practically mandatory. Try any of their espresso-based drinks or sign up for a coffee-making class that Lomi regularly offers. Cafe Lomi is open from 8h00-18h00 Monday through Saturday.


2) Le Coucou Café, 14 Rue Bochart de Saron, 75009 Paris

Located at the tip of Pigalle, Le Coucou Café is the most recent installment of restaurants opened by chef Pauline Labrousse. Having worked as a barista, bartender, and server for just under a year at Coucou, I can personally vouch for the quality of food and drink that they produce. Rasa, the current barista, serves up delicate cups of hot chocolate, matcha lattes, and cappuccinos, finished off with his impeccable latte art designs and a warm smile. An insider tip: go to Le Coucou during the weekday, and sit at one of the back tables if you intend to do work. Otherwise, arrive between 10h00-12h00 on Saturday or Sunday mornings for a three-course brunch menu coming in at 28 euro. Tell them you are a friend of "Baby Sarah," and you might just receive a free chocolate-pecan cookie toasted to gooey perfection. Le Coucou Café is open 10h30-14h30 and 18h00-21h00 daily.


3) Bleu Olive, 184 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris

A favorite among AUP students, Bleu Olive is the closest Anglo-style coffee shop that welcomes computers around campus. The owner and his daughters are always quick to remember your name and genuinely inquire about how your day is going; use this friendliness to practice your French, as the owners are more accommodating than most to engage in broken sentences with good intentions. Try their dirty chai latte this upcoming spooky season or their pastrami cheddar sandwich for a quick lunch fix. Bleu Olive is open from 9h00-14h00 Monday through Friday for pickup and deliveries ONLY (these are new COVID-19 procedures). Their small selection of wines, jams, and eco-friendly goodies may be purchased in-store. 


4) Shakespeare and Co., 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris

Grab a book from the historic bookstore next door where the likes of James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway hung out, and then head over to the Anglo-style café for a hot flat white or cappuccino. Right across from the Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Co. Café remains a favorite among Anglophone residents. Shakespeare and Co. Café is open daily from 10h00-19h00. 


5) Cloud Cakes,  6 Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris

Located just off the busy Rue Montegreuil, Cloud Cakes is a small haven for our vegan friends. Besides wonderful coffee drinks, Cloud Cakes boasts possibly the only American-style cupcake with ACTUAL vegan buttercream frosting to be found in Paris. It is laptop friendly and open from 9h00-19h00 Monday through Saturday. 


6) Cuillier, 68 Rue de Grenelle 75007 Paris 7

Although Cuillier has just closed its darling shop located in le 18eme, it still has three shops located around various Parisian neighborhoods. Work-friendly, Anglophone, international, and takeaway-friendly, an espresso drink from Cuillier has that strong, caramel kick that we all need during these pandemic mornings. Cuillier is open from 8h00-18h00 from Mondays to Fridays and 9h00-18h00 Saturdays and Sundays, although these hours may have shifted as a result of COVID-19. 


7) The Beans on Fire, 13-7 Rue du Général Blaise, 75011 Paris

Although only open for pickup and delivery at this moment, The Beans on Fire is definitely a spot to put on your Spring 2021 to-do-list. Shaded under a canopy of trees and hidden from the busier streets of the 11th arrondissement, The Beans on Fire is a welcome breath of fresh air. During the day it tends to get busier, so it may be a better idea to enjoy the terrace and catch up with a good friend over a hot cuppa. The Beans on Fire is open from 9h00 until 18h00 every day. 


8) Mignon Cafe, 67 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris 

Mignon Café is a quaint, family-run cafe that provides delicious homemade pies and expertly poured lattes. Still a new installment to the Parisian coffee scene, it is the perfect place to go to get some work done and watch the Montemartreians stroll by. Mignon Cafe is open from 9h00-18h00 on Tuesdays, 8h00-18h00 Wednesday through Friday, and 9h30-19h00 Saturdays and Sundays (hours may have shifted due to COVID-19). 


9) KB CaféShop, 53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris

One of my personal favorites, KB CaféShop is located just steps from Le Coucou Café and rests next to a Mary Poppins-esque carousel and colorful residents unique to the Pigalle and Montmartre neighborhoods. Their seasoned baristas produce more than 200 lattes every day, yet they will never deprive you of some friendly customer service. Since the weekends tend to get so packed, it is best to cozy up with a flat white and that unbeatable view during the weekdays. KB CaféShop is open 7h45-18h30 Monday through Friday and 9h00-18h30 Saturdays and Sundays.