Feb 9th, 2020, 11:15 AM

Mobster Bar: Great Gatsby Style in the 11 Arr.

By Leila Roker
Mobster Bar, Image Credit: Leila Roker
Go back to the roaring '20s for a night at Mobster Bar

Tucked away on an inconspicuous street in the 11th Arrondissement  is Mobster Bar. Despite its aggressive name, Mobster Bar is a tasteful, dim-lit blast from the 1920s past. With its geometric prints and designs, and its '20s ballad style background music, the patron is immediately aware that this bar's goal is to transform them to an earlier time.

While Mobster Bar's street, Rue de Crussol, doesn't call much attention to itself, the speakeasy makes sure that it won't be passed by. The bar announces itself with a print of a man and woman on the door, dressed in 1920's garb, with a vintage phone booth between them. A touch that counters its "covert" theme. One could assume that Mobster Bar is relatively new, as no posts or reviews are traceable prior to 2019.


The bar comfortably fits around 25 people, making it a cozy environment. Upon entering I was greeted by the only bartender, stationed behind the bar. He presented me with the menu. Many of the drinks could be considered "classic" cocktails with creative names, but the bar did have some drinks unique to the establishment. My friend and I ordered their version of a Moscow Mule, or a "Youssoupov", as Mobster Bar calls it. The bartender informed my friend and me that the drinks would be brought to our table, which seemed to be an intimate touch. However, after being seated, we realized drinks were brought to the table because of how long they took to make.

I figured maybe the slow-paced service was the bar's way of hearkening back to an older time, where we didn't need to check our news feeds to be entertained, so I admired the antique decor while I waited. But after 30 minutes, my friend, who used to be a bartender, noted that this time delay was simply a lack of efficiency and time management.

When we finally got our drinks, they came in vintage crystal glasses. It definitely wasn't the best Moscow Mule I've ever had, but the bartender apologized for the delay and offered a complimentary drink. We asked him to surprise us with a Mobster Bar signature cocktail.

Dizzy Gillespie, Image Credit: Leila Roker

While we waited another lengthy amount of time for this signature drink, the group next to us grew frustrated with the wait and decided to leave. This time, 20 minutes later, he presented us with the "Dizzy Gillespie", made with gin, basil, lemon, mint and honey. This drink was worth the wait. It was sweet, crisp and cold.

Not daring to test our luck with a third drink, my friend and I decided to close out our tab and go elsewhere for something more fast-paced. The Mobster Bar is a unique bar styled bar to find in Paris, but I would only recommend going if patrons have an exceptional amount of time to kill. I also would recommend sitting somewhere in the bartender's field of vision so that you stay at the front of his mind. Mobster bar is located on 8 Rue de Crussol, 75011, open Tuesdays-Saturdays.