Oct 27th, 2018, 06:39 PM

Let's start with Dessert

By Annelyse Gaston-Carrere
Image credit: Thomas Ravenel
Open since 2013, Privé de Dessert is the only restaurant in Paris to offer entrées and dishes under the appearance of French pastries.

If you like things that can trick your mind and eyes, Privé de Dessert is the perfect restaurant for you. This restaurant offers various entrées and dishes in the forms of pastries. Entrées cost between eight and twelve euros and meals between fourteen and sixteen euros. 

Privé de Dessert has now two cozy restaurants opened in Paris. One in the ninth arrondissement, near metro Pigalle and the other is in the twelfth arrondissement. The restaurant in the ninth is pleasant, the people working there are very welcoming and attentive to their customers.

The Menu

Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere

You are looking at the menu and think you are going to get a tiramisu? No, instead you will get a veal tartar with red fruits and mustard as the replacement of the cream in the tiramisu. The food appears in the form of the dessert but the first bite will surprise you. Interested in this concept, I brought a friend with me to try this restaurant and see how these meals could have the appearance of French pastries. 

 Image credit: Left (Yoppy/Flickr ). Right (Annelyse Gaston-Carrere)

The first entrée was the gaufre, or waffle. In reality, it was a blini under the appearance of a waffle. Even though it was not as crispy as a waffle, the whip cream as cheese helped to create the image of the dessert. Along with this was avocado cream and smoked salmon. This cost €10 and they perfectly matched the image of a waffle. 

The second entrée at €8 was pain perdu, or French toast with its glass of milk. The bread looked exactly like a French toast. The bread had chicken inside, making the bite even more startling when imagining a French toast. 

One of the main dishes was a Saint-Honoré. Usually, a Saint-Honoré is a circle of puff pastry at its base with a ring of pâte à choux piped on the outer edge. In this meal, the Saint-Honoré was a burger with its churros replaced by fries. The appearance of the Saint-Honoré was surprisingly well imitated and once again the whip cream was replaced by cheese which brought a sweet taste to the €16.50 meal. 

The €17.50 crumble was the most surprising and resembling meal of the night. The outside was as crispy as the original crumble and the inside as soft as the pastry. The crumble had fresh salmon, roasted zucchini, and candied lemon. It seemed to be the most apparent out of all the other meals to a pastry. 

Image credit: Left (Laurence Vagner/Flickr). Right (Annelyse Gaston-Carrere)

Life is too short, start with dessert 

With so many restaurants in Paris, Privé de Dessert manages to stand out from its competitors as it brings an original touch to its meals. Let yourself be seduced by pastry-like meals and get surprised at the first bite. In addition to great food, the atmosphere is warm and the employees are welcoming. 

Because it is a new concept, Privé de Dessert decides to continue surprising its clients by changing often its menu list, so stay tuned! Reservations are needed as it is an frequented often, so make sure you reserve ahead of time even if you are only two. 

Restaurant in Pigalle: 4 rue Lallier, 75009 

Restaurant in Aligre: 7 rue Théophile Roussel, 75012