Nov 2nd, 2020, 08:35 PM

Good Food Continues, as Lockdown Commences

By Michael Gallagher
My fresh produce delivered to me my door here in Paris. From left to right we have lettuce, a spring mix, minced garlic, and in the brown bag are bananas. Image Credits: Michael Gallagher II
4 delivery services to make your lockdown delicious

As France is now in lockdown, many of us may be worried about how we will keep up with grocery shopping and having enough cleaning supplies for the next 4-6 weeks. Before the lockdown was announced on Wednesday October 28th, I was finishing up my two-week quarantine with COVID-19. I didn’t leave the confines of my studio apartment during this time, not even to go grocery shopping. Fortunately, I had a little bit of food to last me for the first couple days of isolation. I, however, went through this food rather quickly and had to figure out how I would eat during the rest of my quarantine. During this time, I relied on delivery apps and a couple of very kind friends to get me food. When I entered quarantine the folks in the health office at The American University of Paris sent me a list of places that delivered to your apartment. I was grateful for this and tried several of the delivery services they suggested. 

1. Carrefour 

One of the retail and grocery store chains here in Paris, Carrefour, makes deliveries throughout the week. During my quarantine I used this service twice. Carrefour allows you to look through their entire online catalog which includes household items, toiletries, and plenty of snacks. They have an incredible selection of fresh produce which shows up in a clean box, that you can recycle, separate from everything else you ordered. Then everything else is delivered in reusable or plastic bags (which you can use for garbage). Not only did I need lettuce, bean sprouts, rice, and chips, I also made sure to order toilet paper, face wash, and paper towels! In order to get groceries delivered you have to order at least 50 euros worth of products and then pay an 8-euro delivery fee. If your order 100 – 150 euros the fee is 5 euros, and any order over 150 euros there is no delivery fee.

2. Deliveroo

On the left is my meal from Nepali Sawd, I started eating it, then had to stop in order to document the deliciousness. On the right is my K-Town street food. I ordered this twice in quarantine (maybe even three times).

Delievroo is a food delivery application that you can download onto to your phone. You can order from many restaurants in Paris and have a fresh meal delivered right to your door. Delieveroo specializes in quick contact-less food delivery. This is a great way to order from local places and support businesses both in your neighborhood and afar. Now, if delivery fees are something you are worried about Deliveroo has you covered with DelieverooPlus. This program provides you with free delivery on all orders over 12 euros. They are currently offering a monthly plan that starts at just 1 euro until January 2021, then you will be switched to a 10,99 euro/per month plan. It is important to note that this plan does not cover small orders which are subject to a 1,90 euro fee. For a 4-6-week lockdown here in France, this is a necessary application to get, plus you will be helping some of your favorite places during this pandemic.

I have had some amazing meals delivered by Delieveroo with my DelieverPlus subscription:

  • Indian Nepali Swad, a great Indian restaurant located in the 15th arrodissement. For 21 euros I got three vegetable samosa, vegetable curry, garlic naan bread, and basmati rice.

  • Also, in the 15th arrodissement, K-TOWN Street Food was a new and exciting adventure for my tastebuds. For 12,40 euro I got 6-piece veggie fried tofu and fries, topped by fired onions. Run don’t walk to the Delieveroo app, for this meal.

3. Picard

My Picard meals and snacks delivered to me in the early days of my quarantine.

If you don’t want to think about meals and want to manage a budget properly, a great option is Picard. They have frozen meals, food, and snacks that will satisfy any craving you are having. I highly suggest their chocolate cake selection and their microwaveable fries, just trust me on this one. If you are dairy-free, vegetarian, or vegan Picard has you covered as well. Picard will deliver to your apartment for 5 euros. Depending on the size of your order you will need ample space in your freezer. They also have a loyalty program called Picard & Moi, which gets you 5% off select products throughout the month.

4. Dominos

Ça vous Tente? C’est vrai Domino’s, c’est vrai.

Okay, don’t judge me, it isn’t French, but it isn’t bad. If you are looking to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary alone in your studio apartment, then you need something that will comfort you the way Domino's can. There are twelve locations throughout Paris, and it is sure to be a staple in your evening. They have vegan and vegetarian pizzas too, and the delivery fee is around 2,90 euros. Domino’s has a loyalty program which gets you a free pizza after 6 orders, in case you need even more temptation.

These are just four ways you can stay well fed during the second lockdown here in Paris. Comfort food is necessary in this second confinement.