Apr 24th, 2017, 04:23 PM

Exploring Paris Arrondissements 11-20

By Lillian Wagner
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Get out there and enjoy the spring weather while discovering the lesser-known spots in the City of Light.

There is more to Paris than the tourist sites, so try to get out there and explore a more authentic Paris in each district. Each Paris arrondissement — there are 20 in total — is a small neighborhood on its own inside the complex labyrinth of the city's streets and squares.

In a previous article, we offered some tips on exploring the city's first 10 arrondissements. If the last ten arrondissements are on your list, here's a guide for exploring their non-tourist spots.


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Place de La République, Place de la Nation, and Place de la Bastille: the 11th district has its places secured. As for the other popular destinations for those venturing into the east of Paris, bars and food are the other things that the 11th does well. For an authentic Parisian experience in the 11th, go to Rue Saint Maur, a street filled bars that are home to great food, beer, and drinks. The locals flock to this street after long days at work. If you are looking for a cheap bar with a good atmosphere, check out Noons. The house Vin Chaud is a good enough alone to head to the 11th district.


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Le Train Bleu and the Opéra Bastille are semi-popular sites in the 12th, but how about taking a walk in the park. Bercy Park is a beautiful and tranquil outdoor space which is home to three gardens. There is a beautiful exhibition center which lines a pond. The lake house is a must see with green vines climbing up the side of the white house. Rose gardens and picturesque bridges outline the park and make anyone feel like they are lost in some of the most luxurious gardens.


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For those looking for unchartered territory in Paris, go over to the Butte Aux Cailles neighborhood. Filled with original bars, a plethora of cafés, and lots of artists, the neighborhood is a local favorite. This part of town owes its quaintness to an absence of large chain stores. It's as if a unique village is hidden inside of Paris. For those who like quirky street art, this is for sure the place to be. Famous characters from children's shows such as Tintin and other icons can be seen painted on the walls in unique street-art styles.


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The catacombs might be too creepy for some visitors, so the local approach to the 14th district might be the best. Rue Daguerre at Métro stop Denfert Rochereau is a pedestrian street with a beautiful market. Get a baguette and some cheese from the street vendors popping out from their store fronts. Flowers are a must when here as often you can get a bouquet of 10 roses for €5 to spice up the petit studio you call home.


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Home to Beaugrenelle, the 15th district is not a tourist area. Beaugrenelle is a modern shopping mall with a movie theater, Mark and Spencers, and best of all, Chipotle. Spending a day shopping can be good for the soul. If shopping until you drop isn't for you, Au Dernier Metro is a lively bar located at  Dupleix Métro stop. 

The locals line up here for the plates to share and the reasonably priced beer in Paris.


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There are not too many tourist spots in the 16th, but for a unique view of the Eiffel Tower with a quiet surrounding the 16th is your place. Try and go to Boulevards des Maréchaux (bridge across the Seine connecting the 15th and 16th districts) for a distant view of the Eiffel Tower and finish with a walk along the banks of the river. The serenity you’ll find here will calm even the most stressed minds. Also, the bridge and Seine banks can be a great place for an early morning run to get in some cardio without cars to dodge. 


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The 17th might be an unknown land for tourists and travelers, but this opens doors to local experiences. The best of the 17th can be found at the Marché Couvert des Batignolles at Metro Brochant. This market is open Tuesday through Sunday and is home to the crème de la crème of local French produce — cheese, pastries, every good thing you can image eating can be found in this covered market. 


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Trade in Sacre-Couer but not the view by heading over to the Museum of Montmartre and Renoir Gardens. This quaint and undiscovered museum is home to a French film exhibition, Montmartre, A film setThis exhibition explores the artists which have used Montmartre as inspiration to their creative outputs is open now until January 2018. Be sure to make time and see the Studio Apartment which has served artists such as Emile Orthon Friesz and Raoul Dufy, and many more. After seeing the exhibition and apartments head outside to the Renoir Gardens for a beautiful view of Paris while strolling through beds of flowers. 


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The 19th is a bit undiscovered besides Buttes-Chaumont park, but for music lovers the 19th is the place to be. As known as "A Temple for Music Lovers",  Paris Philharmonic gathers musicians and enthusiasts alike. With three full-sized concert halls, a music museum, and exceptional architecture, this new site in Paris is one to be explored. Opened in 2015, Paris Philharmonic has been used for various style music concerts such as jazz, classical, baroque, world music, rock, and experimental music. 


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Many stop by the 20th to say hi to Oscar Wilde in Père Lachaise Cemetery, but there is a tiny hidden treasure that is sure to spark your interest in the 20th of Paris. Rue Denoyez is a small street with so much to see. The small street is covered with graffiti — walls, doors, and windows filled with colors which bring Rue Denoyez to life. In the last few years, this spot has turned into a graffiti hub as graffiteurs come from across the globe to make their mark on this block. The best part about this is that, with the constant desire to have their art marked here, artists are constantly changing the scene. Locals have been known to say it changes styles from week to week. To check out some great one-of-a-kind pieces, head to Métro stop Belleville.