Nov 8th, 2017, 04:15 PM

Cook Your Way Through Paris With Cooking Classes

By Katie Zambrano
Image credit: Goodfreephotos/Katie Smith
Ramen isn't the only food students are allowed to eat.

One of the many things Paris is known for is its food. The art of French cooking is one that is not easily learned, but once you gather up a few classic techniques you will be well on your way. Whether you go with a group of friends for an unusually fun weekend or by yourself for your own eat, pray, love moment, one of these classes will surely meet your culinary dreams.


Image credit: Flickr/Fredrik Rubensson

Located on the familiar Rue Amelie, REED has been gracing Parisians with delicious traditional food for the past seven years. Canadian Catherine Reed moved to Paris 20 years ago to pursue a career in haute couture, but soon found herself working in the kitchen as a private chef. Since then, Reed has collected the most useful and knowledgeable tips to help any cook—amateur or professional—to succeed in the kitchen. Taught in English (or French), this comprehensive 3 hour class will help you master techniques, basic food pairings and how to cook some of the most delicious foods you have ever tasted. Once the class is complete you get to dine with Catherine herself and enjoy the unbelievable food you have just created. These classes are targeted towards the independent foodie; it is like getting a lesson from your (immensely talented) friend.

Cost: 145€

Duration: 3 hours

Location: 11 bis Rue Amelie, 75007, Paris


La Cuisine

Image credit: Flickr/Jeff Kubina

Offering a variety of workshops in French cheese and cooking classes in croissant, macaron and pastry making, La Cuisine immerses you into French cuisine and culture right in the heart of Paris, even offering tours of local markets. Comprised of a small international team, instructors at La Cuisine strive to connect you to the food and the people making it with you. Although each class format varies, they all focus on a group work ethic. So, be prepared to create a multitude of classic French dishes in a homey setting, getting to know your peers as you cook. These classes are perfect for bigger groups looking to change up their ordinary routines.

Cost: 99-160€

Duration: Varies

Location: 80 Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004, Paris

Les Houblonneurs

Image credit: Flickr/Don LaVange

Tucked away in the 17th arrondissement, Les Houblonneurs focuses on the art of making your own brew. Guided by a professional brewer, you are taught how to hand craft 20 liters of your own custom beer from choosing the right grain to bottling up the finished product. Click here to discover the endless number of brews you can create. Nothing is more rewarding than cracking open a cold one with the boys... especially if you are the one who brewed it. In this unstuffy environment you will learn the skills and techniques behind the art of beer, taking artisanal to a whole new level. If you do not trust your cooking skills guided by a seasoned professional, this class is your jam.

Cost: 160€ (for up to two people)

Duration: Due to the fermentation process, this class occurs in two stages. The first brewing session will last 4 hours, followed by a 1 hour session two weeks later.

Location: 32 Rue Lemercier, 75017, Paris

Miss Lunch

Image credit: Flickr/Dukas Ju

Since opening, Miss Lunch has offered a variety of cooking classes. Themed cooking lessons by ingredient to cooking lessons with a sommelier, Miss Lunch offers it all. With availability during both the morning and night, you will earn professional techniques in a down-to-earth manner. Tours of the Marché d’Aligre are also available upon request, where Miss Lunch herself escorts your through the bustling markets speaking English, French and sometimes Italian. With her many connections, you too will get to know the market vendors and what is ripe in season, making you an even more experienced cook yourself.

Cost: 120-195€

Duration: 4 hours for morning class; 2.5 hours for evening class

Location: 3 Rue Antoine Vollon, 75012, Paris