Dec 12th, 2018, 01:00 PM

Beyond the Pyramids of Giza: Your Next Holiday Destination.

By Salma El Sabban
The Nile Project, Image Credit: Laila Yasser
Advice from a local.

When one says Egypt, a clear image of the Pyramids pops into everyone’s mind. Mostly known for its history and ancient treasures, Egypt has a lot more to offer. From it's archeological culture to its wide deserts and bright blue beaches, Egypt should be on top of everyone’s bucket list.


Egyptian cuisine is among the most delicious and tasty food you'll ever eat. For breakfast, head over to Bashandy for Ful and Ta'meya, followed by Koshary from Abou Tarek or Muluhkia from El Prince for a late lunch. Still not full? Mandarine Koueider serves the best Basbousa and Konafa for a little oriental dessert.

Koshary. Image credit: Flickr/Bliink


With incredible golden sands that go on for miles, an abundant amount of water sports, and trendy beach bars/clubs, Egyptian beach destinations are suitable for both locals and travelers. If you decide to cruise the Red Sea area, Gouna, Marsa Alam, Taba, Ras Shitan and of course the infamous Sharm el-Sheikh, are home to a variety of stunning beaches. For the Northern coast of Egypt, be sure to visit El Alamein and Sidi Abdel Rahman. Wherever you go, you're guaranteed breathtaking scenery and a good time.

Sunset over Marsa Matrouh. Image credit: Laila Yasser.


Not particularly known its nightlife, Egypt sure does surprise you. From bars to music festivals, there is something for everyone. In Cairo head over to The Tap or Cairo Jazz Club, where you can let loose, listen to live music and enjoy a beer or two. If you're in the mood for a little more, then Nineteen Twenty Five is the place to go. Given the title of Egypt's first speakeasy, Nineteen Twenty Five is a restaurant-turned-club after dark. With all different genres of music and some traditional Egyptian dancing, you're assured a great time.

Cairokee Concert. Image credit: Laila Yasser


Camel rides and safaris are a must do when in Egypt. But there is of course so much more that Egypt offers when considering outdoor activities. When in Hurghada, you can go horseback riding on the beach and rent quad bikes for a very reasonable price. In Dahab, you can scuba dive or snorkel in South Sinai on Tiran Island. For a little kitesurfing, Ras Sedr is home to Soul, a kitesurfing center "for wanderers, fitness buffs and anyone with a penchant for non-urban adventures." Finally, for the most exotic views, take a hot air balloon over Luxor.

Diving in Sinai. Image credit: Laila Yasser


With a population of 99 million, Egypt has an abundance of diversity. Yet everywhere you go, people share a sense of unity. Hosting many different traditions, foods, and even languages, it is incredible to not only explore the major cities but also it's boroughs. In Siwa, you will experience cultural uniqueness. Not only is it filled with great history, but also exquisite landscapes. They speak Siwan, a language with no letters which is influenced by the Arabic and Bedouin languages. Similarly, ethnolinguistic groups, such as the Nubians, are considered as one of the earliest civilizations. They speak both Arabic and a mix of Nubian languages.

Adel Mekha - the Nile Project. Image credit: Laila Yasser.

Not only a holiday destination for its grand ancient history, Egypt also offers an escape where you can relax and unwind. You will experience great, and unforgettable adventures. Suitable for all people, Egypt is a much more affordable, even memorable vacation spot than your typical commercial getaway.

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