Nov 20th, 2017, 02:40 PM

7 Things to do in Agadir

By Sophia Foerster
Image credit: Sophia Foerster
How to make the most of your trip to Agadir, Morocco.

On the southern coast of Morocco by the Atlantic Ocean lies the city of Agadir, offering up an array of beaches, markets, and hidden paradises. With a population of about 400,000 people, it is the tenth largest city in the country. If you're eager to plan a trip to Morocco, and Agadir seems like a viable option, here are some tips to make your trip memorable. 

1. Souk El Had

The market is incredible here. Jump in a taxi, tell them to go to the “souk” and voilà you’re on your way to quite the surprise. In a large, walled-off area, there are hundreds of stands selling everything from plastic tubs and diapers and clothing to the most amazing Moroccan oils and spices. Everything fresh and Moroccan made—the epitome of Moroccan markets. Be wary of how crowded it can get; you’ll be standing in line trying to move forward while vendors come at you from every angle trying to bargain with you.

Image credit: Sophia Foerster

2. Agadir Beach

Out of all touristy beaches, this one seems to be the calmest. Beautifully, well-kept soft sand beaches and bright blue water with a beautiful view of the mountains. People sell handmade jewelry and paintings and fresh fruit around its edges. It’s the perfect place to get some peace of mind and some sun.

Image credit: Sophia Foerster

3. Rent a car

Renting a car provided us with the most fun we had during the entire trip. We went through mountains, drove along the coast and discovered incredible cliffs and beaches. On top of that, we met locals and saw small, rural towns and farms and even got a free tour of an olive oil factory. Renting a car is relatively cheap for about 25-30 euros a day and gives you the freedom to explore the more rural and undiscovered sides of the Moroccan coastline.

Image credit: Sophia Foerster

4. Agadir Oufella Ruins

On top of the mountain overseeing Agadir lies Portugal ruins in an archaeological maze of stone and amazing sights. A tip: arrive right before the sun sets and see the city and the ocean light up below. Oh, and why not ride a camel while you’re at it? Several camel rides are waiting for tourists to give them a brief but beautiful tour of the mountain tops.

Image credit: Sophia Foerster 

5. Take a taxi

Ok, not the MOST exciting thing you’ve probably seen on a list of things to do in Agadir, but trust me, I found taxi drivers (most at least) to be so incredibly kind. The first taxi we got into took to us to an argan oil factory, a massage, and the market, even though we had only intended on going to the market, he showed us the little-known secrets of Agadir. Strike up a conversation with your taxi driver, and you’ll not only make a new friend but get to know the real Morocco.

Image credit: Sophia Foerster 

6. Paradise Valley

Hidden in the mountains north of Agadir is a river that runs through a valley, creating a jungle paradise in the otherwise desolate desert. It’s hard to find on your own, but ask a local and you could end up getting a private tour of an hour-long hike to what our guide referred to as “a natural swimming pool.” Take a dip in the chilly waters and spread out on the rocks after to dry in the sunshine of paradise.

Image credit: Sophia Foerster

7. Horseback riding

There are many horseback riding and trail riding places on the edges of Agadir. Sign up for a two-hour long trail ride and get a view of forests, plains, and beaches: some sights you won't be able to access by foot. 

Image credit: Sophia Foerster