Mar 14th, 2020, 10:46 PM

Thrift Stores in Paris: An Updated Review

By Stella Richman
Shop sustainably and within budget at these Parisian vintage and thrift stores!

Thrift and vintage shopping continues to grow as a popular trend. With the impending climate crisis hovering above us, shopping sustainably should be a focus for all consumers. Not only is thrifting sustainable, it can also be an affordable way to shop. Thrifting gives consumers a better opportunity to dress with personality and minimizes the chances of running into someone wearing the same outfit. Luckily, Paris is a city with many vintage shops to offer. Here is my review of five popular thrift stores in Paris.


Episode / Image Credit: Stella Richman

Episode, originally based in Amsterdam, is hands-down my favorite thrift store in Paris. Episode can run a little higher in price than a regular second-hand shop like Emmaüs, but you can find a pair of Levi jeans for 30 Euros. Or a sweater for 15. The way the store is curated makes it easy to find what you want through a high variety of options. The employees can be a little intimidating at Episode, but I have always found them to be very kind and helpful at the till. 

Highlight: The rack of overalls in the basement.

Free P Star 



One of the best places to shop in Paris is this store 🌟

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If you are thrifting for the experience, this is not the place for you. You will find yourself trapped between the two claustrophobic aisles that make up the Free P Star space. It can get very crowded, especially during the weekend. 

Highlight: The one Euro bin. If you are determined and courageous enough to dig into this pile, The question you probably want to ask yourself is, “do I actually like this or do I like it because it’s one euro?”

Kilo Shop 

There are four Kilo Shops sprinkled around Paris. The most popular locations are in Saint-Germain and near the Hotel de Ville area. Kilo Shop has a particular pricing process you have to follow, so don’t be surprised if your piece doesn’t have a price tag. Each piece has a red or green that determines the price per kilogram when you weigh it before you pay. Some colors are more expensive than others, so be aware of them when you are picking out clothes. The staff here attentive and helpful in an un-pushy way.

Highlight: The surprise of how much your item will be when you weigh it. Green is 30 Euros per kilogram, while red is 20 Euros per kilo.

Mad Vintage 



Mad world 🌍💜 - 📌 139, rue Saint-Martin

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Mad Vintage has a well-stocked collection, which is reflected in their higher prices ranging from 55 Euros for a jacke t and 40 Euros for jeans. This is the most expensive thrift store I have visited in Paris so far. Emma Chamberlain, celebrity influencer, shared her positive experience thrifting at Mad Vintage in one of her YouTube videos.

Highlight: Organization is Mad Vintage’s strong-suit. The store is easy to navigate, giving thrifters a break from the usual overwhelming shopping experience.


Emmaüs is a charity shop that has locations in almost every arrondissement in Paris. If you are skilled at finding hidden gems in large piles of clothing, this second-hand shop is the place for you. I’ve even seen people wearing gloves as they sift through the clothes. Committed thrifters will be very successful at a place like Emmaüs, motivated by how inexpensive it is. Prices range from two Euros for a top to 15 Euros for a coat, making it worth the dig. 

Highlight: Emmaüs not only has clothes but accessories, books, and furniture too. 

Forget fast fashion. This is the year of the thrift!