Apr 9th, 2019, 06:40 PM

Street (Thrift) Style for SS19

By Alizée Chaudey
Jasper Sanchez and Sami Claire. Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey
A fashion photography editorial with no budget.

Planning and realizing a fashion photography editorial is no easy task. From scouting a location to hiring a talented stylist with access to famous brand name clothes; models willing to stand up for hours; a great makeup artist/hairstylist; and, of course, a technical crew, a lot goes into editorials. 

But with no budget? It's hell. 

So when it came down to making this editorial happen, our resources were limited. With the help of stylist and AUP Junior Sami Claire and a few friends improvising as models for the day, the streets of La Défense  became an adequate background to showcase our take on street style and thrift shop finds.

"We had to raid my closet for the styling and incorporate some of the models' wardrobes. A lot of it is from Etsy, vintage, or items gifted in the past," explains Claire. When asked about the story behind the styling of the shoot, she describes the styling process: "We were able to find a good balance of cool thrifted designer pieces and integrated some edgier moments."

On fire 

If flared pants and flame prints weren't part of your wardrobe in the 2000s, it's time for you to catch the heat. What used to be seen at skate parks has made one major return, and we're not talking about Thrasher. 

Christopher Turner wearing a Prada sweater, thrifted custom pants and Nike shoes. Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey

Back to black

Paying homage to the NYC punk scene, we decided to bring the forever loved head-to-toe black style back, with a twist: tulle frocks, harnesses, O-ring collars, fishnets, and brilliant vinyl. 

Johnny Alfonso (bottom) wearing a Fear Of God shirt, Comme des Garçons pants and Raf Simons sneakers. Sami Claire (top) wearing a thrifted dress, a Creepyyeha belt, and Demonia shoes. Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey
(Left to right) Zoë Habar wearing a thrifted shirt, a Creepyyeha belt as a harness and Sugar Thrillz boots; Zoe Cartier wearing a Maison Margiela shirt, Rick Owens pants and New Rock boots; Sami Claire wearing a Zana Bayne collar with an Asos body suit, Tripp NYC pants, and boots from Demonia. Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey

When all else fails, go with an animal print

Animal print never slinks out of fashion, but there's been a major revival. Don't hesitate to experiment with animal prints and bring in wholly unnatural colors- like neon green and deep red. 

Zoë Habar wearing a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg two piece and shoes by RUVE. Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey

Jasper Sanchez wearing a Maison Margiela shirt, Ragged Priest pants and Buffalo shoes. Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey

Everyday Elegance

Is the most radical trend to resist trends altogether? A sleek top, a great pair of jeans and sneakers can do as much for you as a glittering dress. 

Jasper Sanchez wearing a Marques Almeida sweater, Levi Strauss pants, and Balenciaga shoes. Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey


Hockey jersey and cargo pants: as Y2K became the bad-taste-becomes-good-taste year, the revival is a pick of the most tasteful elements of the decade to introduce to our wardrobes.  

Johnny Alfonso wearing a thrifted outfit and Buffalo shoes. Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey

While having a team of professionals available makes the realization of a fashion photography editorial easier, it does not define the end result. Being a creator with no budget can be challenging, but the lack of gear, money, and technicians should never be an obstacle to bring your ideas to life.