Feb 15th, 2017, 08:31 PM

Pink Power: La Vie En Rose

By Sabrina Aguirre
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However you choose to wear it, pink is no longer a ladylike Barbie tone, but a bold, badass statement.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink!”

“Mean Girls” constituted it, but that didn't stop armies of protestors from wearing their pink “pussy caps” on a cold January morning. Officially branded the “pussyhat”, the pink-knitted beanies have inspired seas of pink demonstrators who are reclaiming the term “pussy” as a means of empowerment. Curious where all the beanies were coming from, I googled it and found the easily downloadable hat pattern at pussyhatproject.com. “You can knit it, crochet it, it can have cat ears, it can have pom poms….” The only requirement… it must be pink! 

Image credit: pussyhatproject.com

Representing passion, hope, and love, the color pink — typically associated with traits perceived as ladylike — has come of age, and is making a fearless statement in a concerted effort to protect human rights, particularly women’s rights.

Unapologetically feminine, the pretty pastel hue has become a symbol of strength, optimism, and confidence that comes from an increasingly growing group of unified activists. Whether strategically crafted or purely coincidental, this movement by flushed troops is in synch with the fashion world making it the purrrrfect choice for 2017.

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It was during last September’s New York Fashion Week that the shade first reappeared, setting the tone at both Marc by Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2017 shows. Whether bubble gum pink or raspberry, everyone was beginning to think pink. The pink trend resurfaced in Balenciaga’s Spring and Summer 2017 line. A shocking fuchsia and pink slit dress stunned the audience. Even Valentino dipped his brush into the shade by including a baby pink romper suit in his line.

Reconfirming the “in” color, Golden Globe goers graced the red carpet covered in everything from brilliant magenta to ravishing rose. Felicity Jones and Zoe Saldana posed in girly Gucci salmon dresses, detailed with ruffles and sequins.

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The 2017 Grammys finally brought it home, fusing fashion, passion, music and message, as pink-clad celebs took to the stage. Swanking a pink jacket with pink socks, funny-guy James Corden hosted the gala as audiences were awed by the likes of Katy Perry rocking rose-colored shades and Lady Gaga killing it with an outrageous pink ponytail. Beyoncé, decorated in a magnificent goddess-like, champagne-tinted, sequin Peter Dundas gown, brought the house down with a resounding message to women: "If we’re going to heal, let it be glorious.” As the night went on it was clear, the message prevailed and the pinks owned the show.

So, here we are in  2017. Pink is no longer a dainty option, rather a fearlessly courageous choice. Wearing pink stimulates energy, encourages action, and demonstrates confidence.

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Lately, I’ve taken to using a splash of pink myself to accent my wardrobe, whether startling pink shoelaces in my black sneakers, a simple pink scarf wrapped around my neck, or watermelon lip gloss. However you choose to wear it, pink is no longer a ladylike Barbie tone, but a bold, badass statement women are making everywhere.

Making its mark on runways and red carpets, and revived in the uniform of protest marchers, pink has a whole new meaning. Indefinitely, yes … we are pretty in pink. But more important, we are a strong, unified squad and we will resist and persist. So, to those who question our graceful walk, lacy voices, and colorful attire, “be warned… and do NOT grab our pink pussy... caps!”