Apr 14th, 2017, 12:37 PM

Fruit Bags! Because Why Not?

By Lianna Bass
Image Credit: bynmix.com
Let's get fruity for Spring

I love my grandma a lot, but I wouldn't really call her a style icon. Don't get me wrong, she always looks "sharp" and "dresses to the nines." But imagine any typical Sicilian-American woman from New Jersey. Envision shades of Goodfellas. I'm talking gold chains, baby! But I will always give credit when it is due; my grandmother's selection of handbags is a 10/10. They always seem to be changing shape, colour and style. But no matter what the bag, they're always filled with hand sanitizer, a small sleeve of tissues and butterscotch candies. Out of all of my grandmother's bags, her fruit shaped ones have always been my favourite. Vibrant, cute and just in time for spring, these bags are a perfect statement piece.

Mary Frances Purple Grape Shaped Framed Beaded Handbag Wine Merlot Purse. Photo Credit: Mary Frances
Mary Frances Top Banana Embellished Handbag. Photo Credit: Mary Frances
Large watermelon bag. Photo Credit: Ali Express
Small Watermelon Purse. Photo Credit: Ali Express
Apple purse by Unique Vintage. Photo Credit: Unique Vintage


Betsey Johnson avocado hang bag. Photo Credit: Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson Kitsch Pineapple Crossbody Bag. Photo Credit: Betsey Johnson


It seems celebrities are taking notes from their grandmothers too!

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles rockin' a sparkly Kate Spade New York Via Limoni Lina bag. Photo Credit: Kate Spade 
A close-up of Solange Knowles's Kate Spade New York Via Limoni Lina bag. Photo Credit: Kate Spade


Daisy Ridley

'Star Wars' star Daisy Ridley toting an adorable watermelon handbag at Heathrow Aitport. Photo Credit: Just Jared