Mar 24th, 2020, 09:18 AM

The Fall of the Skinny Jean

By Stella Richman
Thrifted Jeans, Image Credit: Stella Richman
Here are six jean alternatives as skinny jeans lose popularity

Times in the world of jeans are changing. Skinny jeans are no longer all the rage. Lyst, a London-based fashion search website conducted a study that found that straight leg jeans are now the most favored style of jean. More diverse jean varieties are surfacing on fashion's horizon. 

With increasing environmental awareness, thrifting is the best option for finding vintage jeans.  Nowadays, they can also be found in most stores.

As skinny jeans become less popular here are some alternative options.

Wide Leg



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You can also find these cropped or with a frayed hemline. The wide-leg jean is usually high-waisted. These jeans work best for those with long legs, but anyone can pull them off with the right pant length. Bring back the ‘70s vibes with this pair. These jeans are more sophisticated than the others on this list, and can easily be made dressy when paired with a blouse or blazer. 

Flare Jean



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Also known as “Bell Bottoms”, flare jeans are not just a ‘60’s fad. In recent years, stores like Free People and Topshop have brought back this iconic style. They can either have a lowkey flare or sometimes extreme flare. Flare jeans tend to be high waisted but as low rise jeans come back into style, we can see this in a low rise form as well. These are paired best with a boot or heel. 

Mom Jean



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These jeans came into prominence during the mid-2010s with models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid adding them to their street style. Mom jeans are perfect if you value both comfort and style. Mom jeans are almost always high waisted, but if you are looking for a low-rise version, check out the boyfriend jean style. 

Straight Leg

You can find straight leg jeans in a variety of rises and washes, but the common length tends to hit right above the ankle. These are perfect if you are still attached to the skinny jean but are starting to break out of your comfort zone. Straight leg jeans look best with sneakers, especially high tops. 

Baggy Jean



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These are the anti-skinny jeans. Baggy jeans are a more recent trend beginning in 2019. This is the ultimate comfort jean, even comfier than mom jeans. Stars like Emily Ratajkowski pull off this look well, and you can too. 

Low Rise 

Recently there has been a romanticism of the early-2000s on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter with accounts like @paris2000s and @y2ktrashy. As low rise jeans were a major trend in the early 2000s with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, the nostalgia for these styles has made low rise jeans a new trend. 

But don’t throw away  your jeans just yet. The reality is that skinny jeans are still being worn by the masses,. Although the looming return of the low rise jean can be intimidating to many, these six different types of jeans are a more comfortable and stylish option to rock outside, or inside our humble abodes during quarantine.