Apr 23rd, 2020, 08:43 PM

DIY Tie-Dye Sweatsuit Tutorial

By Stella Richman
Tie Dye, Image Credit: Shutterstock/789650641
Create your own version of this comfy new trend while stuck inside during quarantine

As we are all quarantined inside for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19, we might as well feel cute and comfortable while we're at it. Maybe you have seen them on Instagram or Tik Tok, the trend of the matching tie-dye sweatsuit that has recently taken over the internet sphere. This trend isn’t likelyt to go anywhere as long as we have a need to be as comfy as possible while cooped up at home. Online stores everywhere are highlighting their loungewear section and selling different colors, styles, and forms of this tie-dye sweatsuit. People have even begun to make their own and sell them on Instagram due to their popularity. 



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Not only is this outfit comfortable and cute and perfect for quarantine, but it also gives you an activity at home during these long days ahead.

Step by Step: How to make your own tie-dye sweatsuit


What you will need :

Sweatpants and sweatshirt 

Rubber bands 

Tie-Dye Kit 


Cling wrap or plastic bag 

Plastic or Rubber Gloves

Step One 

To prepare for your tie-dye session, you will need to order a pair of white sweatpants (or pull out your own if you already have a pair) and a white sweatshirt, either a hoodie or crewneck. You can also order or use a different pastel shade if you want a different base color. You will also need to buy a tie-dye kit with whichever colors you want your set to be.  

Step Two 

Once you have the tie-dye kit, fill each bottle with water to create the dye. Before starting the process, go outside or lay down a towel inside so you don’t risk getting the dye or water everywhere. Twist your sweatshirt into a ball and wrap rubber bands around it tightly. There are different techniques you can do to create different designs. 

Step Three

Fill your bucket with water and dunk the sweatshirt, with the rubber bands still on in the bucket to prepare for dyeing. This allows the fabric to accept the dye easier. 

Step Four

Put your gloves on. Take the hoodie out of the water and begin squeezing the dye onto the sweatshirt. It’s up to you which colors you want to use and how much dye you put on the sweatshirt. The more dye you use, the darker it will be. Make sure to save dye in the colors you want to use for your sweatpants later.

Step Five

Wrap in cling wrap or a plastic bag and let it sit for 6-8 hours. Then rinse until the water is clear, and wash alone on a cold cycle. Then dry, and voila!

Step Six

Repeat these steps for your sweatpants. 

Making your own version of this new trend gives it an original flair and you'll be proud to wear them around your house.