Apr 24th, 2017, 02:09 PM

Artist Profile - Yasmine Alkabbani

By Anastasija Baiko
Image Credit: Yasmine Alkabbani
Up and coming artist Yasmine Alkabbani is to who look out for and get inspired by.

Name: Yasmine Alkabbani
Age: 21
Profession: Artist
Style: Abstract
Inspiration: Her past, the weather, the people and the overall atmosphere of wherever she is in the world.

Image Credit: Yasmine Alkabbani

The subject of this profile, Yasmine Alkabbani, never thought about art as being something that she would commit herself into doing. She was always fond of various art works, but without any deep insight into that sphere of work. It took a break from her daily routine, some support and the necessary tools to begin.

Anastasija Baiko: How was your journey into the art world initiated?

Yasmine Alkabbani: Well I started doing art two years ago, in the winter of 2014/15 when I left for a break from living in London to Beirut, Lebanon for a year. I went through a very rough period of time in London, where I lived and studied business at that time, so I decided to leave because it was too much of a distraction for me both for my well-being and mentally. Then one day wondering around Beirut I just decided to go purchase a paint brush and a canvas, came back home, started painting and the outcome was actually surprisingly good.

Image Credit: Tough Love // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: Did you continue because you instantly knew something good will come out of it?

YA: No, not at all, it was a long journey into believing it would take me somewhere. First, I was just pleased with the outcome but it was the support I got that made me take it seriously and to continue.

Image Credit: Fall Into Fall // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: Who were your main supporters at first?

YA: My brother was my first and main support. He was next to me at the moment I just started painting in Beirut and as soon as he saw my finished work he told me to continue with creating art because perhaps something would come out of it. Later it was the art dealer I met in Dubai, where I traveled to after Beirut for a course in art. I had lots of free time on my hands so I continued to paint meanwhile meeting up with art dealers from the Ayyam Gallery, which is very well known around the Middle East and London. In the Ayyam Gallery Saudi Arabia was where the art dealer told me to continue. He said that it is more than just a hobby and perhaps I could even pursue my life in the art sphere with the quality pieces I am creating.

Image Credit: An Old Story // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: What made you listen up to them and continue?

YA: I still did not know what I wanted to do later in my life so I continued. Continued purchasing canvases and paint, painting every single day in Beirut and Dubai.


Image Credit: Escape // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: Was it then you started to become recognized and begin to sell?

YA: Yes, once I consciously decided to continue with it soon my pieces started gaining popularity and people would begin ordering them. My first sale was worth 600 pounds. Actually once I sold I definitely realized this is something I will continue to do and that was final.

Image Credit: Prisoner // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: You had exhibitions in galleries whilst you started selling?

YA: Yes, I was contacted by a gallery in London called Walton Fine Arts Gallery, they wanted me to exhibit my art work for a six month period. I sent them a few pieces from which some were sold and some were not. Nevertheless the exposure was beneficial to my work since the gallery located in Central London. It was exposed to a massive wave of potential clients from all over the world that would see it and begin to spread the name around. 

Image Credit: Ocean Drive // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: Did you do more courses to learn more about art in order to improve your work?

YA: Yes! I went to New York, to Pratt Institute, which is considered to be one of the best art schools. I did a one month course there in order to improve my skills. I believe learning is endless. There is no limit to how much you learn, I never get tired of discovering new knowledge.

Image Credit: Rebirth // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: What inspires you?

YA: Well initially I was inspired by my rough past, that made me express myself using art as a tool. Art allowed me to express myself positively and inspire people to think that there is a lot of good in life. Thus the two outlooks complemented each other and every time I paint I feel good, happy, and I only want to continue to paint when I feel positive. Then I went a bit more deeper into my art and my inspirations magnified. Once I left New York to Marbella, Spain and continued to paint I realized that every time I travel I get inspired: by the weather, the people and the overall atmosphere.  I also sold a piece at that moment to the Serafina restaurant in Marbella that marked my personal improvements. 

Image Credit: Serafina Restaurant Marbella, Spain // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: You mean every country or place you travel to directly leaves a mark on your work?

YA: Exactly, I start to paint different things in every country but I always keep it towards the abstract genre with my own signature style since it is not only about throwing paint on a canvas but giving a part of yourself to the piece. However you can always sense a different touch and expression wherever I am in the world.

Image Credit: Life After Love // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: So does your art define you?

YA: Art always defines something, what I felt, did or thought during that particular time. I just hope that people can understand it and even go as far as to not be afraid to see it from their own perspective rather than solely mine. I find it more exciting for the audience to try to understand what the piece is about since when art is simplified by the author it loses its magic, whilst when the piece is abstract there is a story behind it that one needs to unravel. That is what makes art exciting.

Image Credit: La Vie En Rose // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: You want the audience to feel themselves more than you through the art work?

YA: If a potential customer purchases an artwork to place in their own house he wants to feel comfortable with it thus feel their passion a bit more than the artists. He never wants to get tired of looking into it, therefore it also has to tell a story that you can never completely understand till the very end, one that keeps you guessing.

Image Credit:  Mystery Woman // Yasmine Alkabbani

AB: What are your next goals?

YA: I want to continue painting and selling until I finally find to what I want to dedicate my life. Meanwhile I am going back to New York this summer for another art course in order to improve my talent.

Image Credit: Tango Fuerte // Yasmine Alkabbani
Founder: Yasmine Alkabbani
e-Mail: yalkabbani.art@gmail.com
Instagram: @yalkabbani_art