Oct 24th, 2017, 11:20 PM

Trick or Treat at AUP

By Anabel Bachour
Image credit: Facebook/PeacockPlume
Eat, drink, and get spooky at the Halloween Party October 26.

ASM has teamed up with GSC to offer you a fun, traditionally festive yet creepy Halloween night on October 26. It will take place in the Amex and Combes gallery from 7:00 PM until 10:30 PM. The party will include games, free food, free candy and horror movies playing in the background to set the mood. Since this will be a costume party, AUP has come up with a plan to encourage everyone to dress up; if you show up, you'll get one free beer ticket. If you show up in costume, you get two free beer tickets. Keep in mind that there will be a costume contest at the end of the party and there will be prizes for the top three costumes. 

Lianna Bass, the ASM Events & Social Outreach Manager, provided some details on the party, "I feel as though a lot of people who are Americans and come to AUP miss out on the American college experience, although, maybe that's for the best. But at the same time, certain aspects of that culture are exceptionally fun. And it's also great for people who don't have an American background to appreciate an American holiday like Halloween," she adds, "As long as you get vaguely festive, even if you just schmeer some fake blood on your face, you will be eligible for a second free beverage." What's important to note is that you get the first two tickets when you enter. Following that, you can buy as many tickets as you want, each subsequent ticket costing 3€. The money raised will be donated to a charitable cause. 

Image credit: Flickr/JLC Photography 

"There will also be a professional photographer, Charles Roux, who has previously done photography for Louis Vuitton and worked with other high-end fashion designers; I somehow coerced him to come to this party," Lianna remarks. There will be an opportunity take prom-esque photos, so people get to pose with their friends for professional photos. All the pictures will be posted on Facebook after the event, which people can share on social media. 

She stresses, "You don't have to be American to enjoy this party. It will be a great way to meet new people on campus or to hang out with your friends." Seeing as there will be free pizza, free alcohol, free snacks, and perhaps most importantly, giant bowls of candy and chips, it might be a great way to pre-game if you're going out later that night. "On behalf of the Student Media Board, I would like to say that ASM is proud and excited to collaborate with GSC on this party. We hope it is the first of many to come in the future," she notes cheerfully.  

Image credit: Flickr/ Dave Smith

Rosie Brand, the GSC president, adds, "This is how to participate in our culture, as it's not a French nor a Parisian thing. It is starting to be because of globalization, but I think in general it is a little hub of America and this is your opportunity to get involved." She emphasizes that there might also be candy corn at this event, which consequently makes this party as American as can be. She continues, "I am excited for this because it is something a lot of different individual groups have asked for, and I think the results are going to be cool." 

Lianna, Rosie, and Anna Chapman, the GSC social director, all encourage you to come to the party dressed up in a cool, funny or scary costume. And you never know, you might just win the prize for best costume. Here is a link to some Halloween costume ideas in case you need help. May you have a spooktacular Halloween!