Sep 20th, 2018, 09:47 PM

Shutting Down the AUP Metro Debate

By Signi Livingstone-Peters
Image Credit: Flickr/Ishai Parasol
Which line eight stop are you loyal to?

Have you ever felt like you've perfectly timed your commute, but over or underestimated based on walking time from the metro to class? Maybe you thought Invalides was closer than it is, and ended up hauling across Avenue de Marechal Galleini. Or, you forget how close La Tour Maubourg is to Grenelle and end up 15 minutes early to class. Thus, I present you with a self timed guidebook on how to use our three beloved AUP line eight metro stops as efficiently as possible. 

1. The Library

La Tour-Maubourg to the library is a 14 minute walk, a close second to École Militaire, with a walking time of 11 minutes. Lastly, Invalides to the library is a whopping 17 minutes. The library isn't easy getting to either way. But evidently, École Militaire is the closest! Now you know.

École Militaire. Image Credit: Flickr/Timothy Tolle

2. Grenelle

The walking distance from La Tour Maubourg to Grenelle is only three minutes. École Militaire to Grenelle takes six minutes, and Invalides to Grenelle finishes last (again) with 11 minutes. No brainer!

Image Credit: Flickr/BisforBabbPhoto

3. Combes

La Tour Maubourg is only an eight minute walk, compared to Invalides, which, although it might seem closer, is 10 minutes. École Militaire to Combes is an 11 minute walk.

Image Credit: Flickr/red9hagar

4. Amélie

La Tour Maubourg to Amélie is only a four minute walk. École Militaire is in second place with seven minutes, and only nine minutes from Invalides!​​​​ ​​​If you actually have a class at Amélie, you should most definitely get off at La Tour Maubourg. 

Image Credit: Flickr/Jean-Michel GAVLAN

5. Passage-Landrieu

La Tour Maubourg and École Militaire share an equal walking time at 11 minutes, while Invalides is a similar 13 minutes. This building is a haul from pretty much anywhere. Even though Invalides seems closest in theory, better save the extra two minutes and get off at either La Tour Maubourg or École Militaire.

Image Credit: Flickr/M Trombome

6. Saint-Dominique

Like PL, both La Tour Maubourg and École Militaire share a seven minute walk from SD. Invalides is an 11 minute walk. If you live on the Balard side of line eight, get off at École Militaire. If you live on the Créteil side, get off at La Tour Maubourg.

Image Credit: Flickr/Greg Brookhouse

7. Pierre Villey

If you have class in PV, it's probably best that you just don't even bother showing up.

Et, voila! With proper planning, you'll never be late (or early) to class again.