May 2nd, 2019, 02:46 PM

Preview of Spring 2019 Magazine Launch

By Chanet Smith
the human effect
Image Credit: Peacock Media
The Human Effect: Peacock Magazine's 17th bi-annual issue is almost here.

On Friday 3 of May 2019,  the Amex will host the 17th edition of the Spring 2019 Peacock Magazine. For the entire semester, the magazine class has been working to create 16 pieces themed around humans and technology. The editor in chief, Sage Theiss, has been working diligently with Alizée Chaudey as the photo director, Lauren Williams as deputy editor, and Sophia Foerster as the art director in creating the latest issue of Peacock Magazine, ‘The Human Effect.’

The idea behind this magazine was to create a collective experience that anyone could resonate with. “It isn’t just the difference between humans and technology, but how we can coexist with it. But also, now that technology and machines are taking on more human attributes, what are qualities that are still reserved for human beings and what are human experiences,” said Theiss.

Sage spoke about her experience writing and editing with the magazine class this semester. They realized at the beginning of the semester that their biggest hardships they faced with this magazine were being able to capture images that related to humans and technology, and the struggles of image rights. “Articles change, things drop, so we had to adapt," she said. But it all became worth it when she held the magazine in her hands for the first time; a finished copy of a semester’s worth of work. 

Image Credit: Peacock Media

“By the second class, we were talking about what it means to be a human being and all these very abstract questions. It was a really fascinating discussion with everybody. We all agreed that right now, technology is very prevalent in our lives.”

This deeming topic of what is technology and how it plays a role in our lives is beyond relevant to society today. We have integrated it into so many of our daily tasks and communication skills. Sometimes even unaware of the effects it has on our relationships with ourselves and with others. This edition had writers dig deep into what it means to be human, and the things that technology can never take away from us, how we separate the help of our phones, computers, software, and social media from our identity.

The launch party inaugurates this idea brought to life through the construction of words and art into the finished product of our 17th edition of Peacock.

“I’m really excited for the writers to see their articles in the printed magazine. Also for everyone else to see the printed magazine with this theme because it's not really a subject the Peacock has covered so I am excited to open that up and bring that to the Peacock platform.”

Please join us at our Spring 2019 magazine launch party in the AMEX at 7 pm, this Friday!