Nov 1st, 2019, 11:02 PM

Let's Get Financial

By Kayla Lopez
FCA logo
New and Improved Finance Club

Interested in the general field of business or finance?  The Finance and Consulting Association (FCA) might be for you!  It’s no secret that AUP does not offer as many business-related options as they do in the creative field, but this is why FCA is here to be another resource for business and finance students.

The club is run by senior co-presidents Charles "Charlie" Beach and Sasha Wilson who manage the consulting and finance related work respectively while also regulating the clubs general growth.  The other leaders of the club include operations manager Jonathan Noulowe, treasurer Minja Nedeljkovic, and communications director Marie Ganneval.


Different from the previous years' Finance club, “FCA’s core mission is to add value to AUP students degrees and time,” stated co-president Charlie Beach.  Being a past member of the Finance Club, Charlie reflects back on how after the same old finance related weekly talks and how by the end of the semester, the club felt more like a social hangout than an educational growth experience. The problem in the past resulted from a lack of structure for the club members to follow. This resulted in the weekly finance talks going off on tangents and eventually just becoming more of a social club.  Although that might have flown in the past, the new club leaders (and new club name!) are determined to make the FCA experience one that will benefit and aid in the growth of each of its students' general business knowledge to prepare them for the real world.

Some main objectives for the club in the near future are to be able to connect with local finance businesses to hopefully then have the opportunity to go out and visit these businesses and experience first hand what some of the jobs in the field might entail.  FCA will teach its members to analyze case studies, work in teams, and practice presentations. These are all core essential skills to know in the business world. Some of these practices are not always taught in classes, so that is why FCA is here to help anyone who is willing and wanting to learn.


Being able to create value for the AUP community is what the club leaders aim to achieve and they “encourage people who are interested in business to come and experience at least one of the meetings because it could really help you get involved,'' commented treasurer, Minja Nedeljkovic.  Co-president Charlie Beach adds that “We’re a club centered around what the students want. If you want to learn about something that we don’t currently teach, tell us, and we’ll provide that.” FCA is a club wanting to promote the advancement and knowledge of its members to be able to succeed after graduation.


FCA meetings are held on Thursdays at 18h30 with room locations varying.  Pizza and wine complimentary at every meeting. For more information contact Charlie Beach ( or Minja Nedeljkovic (