Feb 16th, 2019, 11:27 AM

Finding Love at AUP

By Chanet Smith
Image Credit: Instagram/@aupcrushes
Instagram account @aupcrushes brewing love at AUP.

On February 12, a new account hit Instagram stirring up the air at AUP. Within three days, @aupcrushes has 159 followers and counting. Anonymously releasing submissions from AUP secret admirers, they post images of screenshotted messages about crushes the AUP community has. Submissions range anywhere from a hopeful crusher looking to meet, “The blonde chick behind the bar at the AMEX,” to confessing a crush on professor “Russel Williams' chaotic energy” being “super cute.” This account is here to put love in the air.



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Anonymity is of utmost importance to @aupcrushes, including themselves. There is a secret group behind the account that is unknown to the AUP community. Hence their respect for keeping anonymity of submitters. They want their crushers to feel safe in their deep revealing secret. Their purpose was to “spice things up and bring a little fun into AUP… A good idea to bring people together and share a laugh in between classes.” Keep in mind that their account is not to spread inappropriate or hateful submissions. Said from @aupcrushes themselves, said they “have decided to not post certain inappropriate submissions as the purpose is to lighten the mood and don’t want things to get out of hand.”


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“Despite DMs revealing to us the person’s identity, we respect their decision and do not speak of it to the people we know.”

When you visit their page, and you see your name or a friend’s, tag them. Everyone enjoys a little romance and humor. @aupcrushes hopes for submitters to want to reveal their identity because the account can then become a place of matchmaking. “It’s more exciting for us and for everybody else!” said the group behind the curtains of @aupcrushes.


YOOOO #bringluluback

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“Cupid might be fat and slow, but we’ll make sure you find your beau.”

To write a submission to their account, you can either click the link in their bio AUPCRUSHES.Sarahah.com/ or DM directly. If you submit through the web link, you can be kept anonymous, but if you DM, you have to specify if you want to be anonymous or not. So, who has it in them to tell their crush to the world un-anonymously?  “Cupid might be fat and slow, but we’ll make sure you find your beau,” they said