Apr 10th, 2019, 12:13 AM

Come Visit the New Library!

By Anis Anghel
The vertical garden can be seen through the glass ceiling at the library’s ground floor. Image Credits: Anis Anghel
AUP’s new library officially opened March 21st.

AUP’s library has officially moved to the new Quai D’Orsay building, as of March 21, 2019, along with the Student Life and Learning Center. 

The style and organization of the new library is very different than before. The new learning space features a minimalist design with clean lines, natural lighting, and calming hues of blue and gray.

Window view of the Seine from Quai d’Orsay library. Image Credits: Anis Anghel

Graduate student, Jessica Voorhees, noted, "The old library felt kind of stuffy. I like the new library so much better now. We have a great view of the Seine, and it’s also very comfortable. There is a lot more space dedicated to studying, and it’s nice that we have private study rooms to work with other students."

Wall of greenery in AUP's library. Image Credits: Anis Anghel

The new library is designed with elements that provide a more intimate experience, but with more spacious accommodations. AUP's previous library only had two floors for students to study for their assignments and tests, which often posed an issue during midterms and finals, but now, the library has more than enough room for AUP's studious community, spread across four floors of the Quai building (-1,0,1,2).

Marielle Dalvet, a senior at AUP, shared, "I like the natural light, as opposed to the neon light we had in the previous building, and it’s great that they spread the library out on multiple floors."

Collage of the old Monttessuy library. Image Credits: The American University of Paris

Instead of the two large study rooms, the new library provides six smaller, more private study rooms, in addition to the lounge space on the eighth floor. 

The new bookshelves on the underground floor. Image Credits: Anis Anghel

The library has also updated its technology. Most books are stored in the underground floor, on shelves that can be maneuvered, in order to save space. The basement (-1) floor also provides vending machines for drinks and salty or sweet snacks. You can also just cross the lobby to the Combes building and get some cookies and coffee from the Amex.

The check-in desk is now at the Navigation Desk, located on the ground floor. For the comfort of the students, the process can also be achieved through a new self-check machine. In order to check-out library materials, all you need to do is scan your student ID and the code of your item. The machine will provide you with a receipt of the date you need to return the item. When checking something back in, just scan the code and leave the item on a bookshelf above the machine. It's that simple! 

Nike Hartmann, a junior in AUP's Undergraduate program said, "It feels more like a university library now. It is pleasing to the eye. We have these little private nooks between bookshelves. It is also nice to have the library so close to campus."

Library Opening Hours

Monday 8:30 - 23:45

Tuesday 8:30 - 23:45

Wednesday 8:30 - 23:45

Thursday 8:30 - 23:45

Friday 8:30 - 21:45

Saturday 10:00 – 23:45

Sunday 13:00 – 23:45