Apr 3rd, 2019, 12:59 PM

Best 24 Hour Cafe In Paris

By Zakiyyah Job
24h study cafe/@LaPermanenceParis
La Permanence Cafe Image Credits: @LaPermanenceParis
If you think that the new library hours at AUP are great, go check out Paris's new 24 hour cafe.

 Although Paris is a major city in Europe, many stores, bars, and cafes close surprisingly early. For students, this can be especially irritating when final exams are coming up, and their favorite cafe closes at 7 p.m. The study cafe La Permanence seeks to change all of this. 

La Permanence is not your ordinary study cafe. Unlike most cafes that shut their doors early or even the new AUP library that now closes at midnight, this cafe never closes. La Permanence is open for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  

This is a big step for students and workers who cannot study at home, or who do not have a place to do their work.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unlike some study spaces in Paris which can cost up to 5 euros an hour or 20 euros for a full day, La Permanence is not expensive. It’s only 1 euro an hour, and wifi is included. Make sure to bring your own snacks though, La Permanence does not offer free food. This helps to keep the cafe so affordable.  

Students are not the only ones that can do work at La Permanence. This is also a  good place for those who have group meetings and projects, freelance workers, entrepreneurs, or simply anyone who wants to work away from home. Just sign up and create an account on the website here and head over to a cafe.


La Permanence has several different rooms, including a talking room,  filled with long tables and multiple outlets for phones and laptops. This cafe also offers free lockers for storing items and printers. If you get hungry, there is a vending machine that provides a variety of products from soda to chips to candy and an unlimited espresso machine for those who need to find the strength to make it through those late nights working.  If you get tired and need a quick nap, they even offer couches and small bean bags to sleep on.

Where Is It Located?

Currently, there are two locations open: 2 Rue du Fer A Moulin in the 5th arrondissement and 48 bis Rue d'Alesia in the 14th arrondissement.