Apr 16th, 2018, 01:51 PM

Unveiling the Exhibition 'Artistes et Robots'

By Asha Poorhassan
Image Credit: Asha Poorhassan
A new exhibition at the Grand Palais explores: when do machines become creators?

What is an artist? What is a work of art? What can a robot do that a human can not do? If a robot has an artificial intelligence, does it have an imagination? This exposition invites the public to experiment works of art created by different artists with the help of robots that are increasingly intelligent. 

After becoming a go-to location for viewing photography, video, design, kinetic art, and various other types of exhibitions, this is the first exposition that is dedicated to the artificial imagination that remains of robotic art: the generative and algorithmic art. Approximately thirty works of art gives us access to this virtual world that is immersive and interactive. In a world that is increasingly reliant on machines, the artists are interested even more in robots than in artificial intelligence itself, which they believe is upsetting the human existence.

Image Credit: Asha Poorhassan 

The exhibition aims to bring interesting and surprising artists that display the technical side of contemporary art. It's divided into three different parts. The first presents robots that created artworks; they are visible and operate using bodies or arms that draw, paint, or engrave. In the second part, the robots are no longer visible. Finally, the third part focuses on artificial intelligence that helps us go beyond the limitations of the body. Counting the whole exhibition, this part is the most troubling sequence as it potentially affects our physical survival.  

This exhibition is very appealing and amusing, since the works of art are in some way interactive with the visitors since the exposition presents robots and maybe represents how the future is going to be. This exposition is an opportunity to experience works of art with the help of sophisticated robots, and it offers us a gateway into an interactive and digital world. If you're interested in everything related to artificial intelligence and how our future might be-- or just interested in robots-- this exposition will be fun for you. It invites us to learn more about this digital world, and does not let us remain passive in front of the works of arts.