Nov 22nd, 2017, 03:38 PM

Preview: Montagne en Scène Film Festival

By Signi Livingstone-Peters
Image Credit: Montagnes en Scene
Six Stories, Endless Peaks

As the air grows colder and snow begins to fall, these six movies shown at the Montagne en Scène Festival Du Film on December 8th are a mix of stunning images and footage. Get stoked for winter through the eyes of some of the most inspiration skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers of our generation.

Ueli Steck Tribute

Image Credit: Montages En Scene

A Swiss rock climber and mountaineer, Ueli Steck died in April 2017 after failing to acclimatize properly for a summit attempt on the Hornbein route on the West Ridge of Everest without supplemental oxygen. Lauded as one of the best mountaineers of the generation, Steck was additionally known for his speed records on the North Face trilogy in the Alps and had previously successfully summited both Everest and Ama Dablam in 2012. As a mountaineer who brought grace, inspiration, and humility to the climbing community, "Ueli Steck Tribute" says goodbye to him one last time, including breathtaking footage of some of his most applauded ascents as a mountaineer. 

Length: 5 Minutes


Ya Mas - Snowmads in Greece

Ya Mas - Snowmads in Greece | Official Trailer from Snowmads on Vimeo.

Snow peaks aren't exactly what comes to mind when thinking of Greece, but Fabian Lentsch and his team of free-riders take viewers through the dramatic mountainous regions of Parnassos and Kalavitra, discovering deep powder and untouched lines near Mount Olympus. "The Snowmads" take a van through some of the most remote, ancient regions of Greece, discovering terrain that's never been skied or rode before. 

Length: 15 Minutes
Director/Producer : Marco Freudenreich/Nine&One


Marco, Shooting Star (Marco, Etoile Filante)

Image Credit: Montagnes En Scene

Born in Chamonix, Marco Siffedi was a French snowboarder and mountaineer, hailing from a long family history and climbers– living a brief, reckless, adventure-filled life. Siffedi accomplished many difficult descents in the Mont Blanc Massif region before moving onto higher altitude peaks in Peru and the Himalayas. In 2001, Siffedi reached the summit of Everest and rode down the Norton Couloir to Advanced Base Camp (ABC) at the North Col, one of the more dangerous routes on the mountain. In 2002, he returned to Everest to attempt another descent via snowboard, this time along the Horbein Passage via the Tibet side of the mountain, yet disappeared soon after sumitting. "Etoile Filante'' exploits Siffedi's large personality, inspirational story, and the making of history.

Length: 52 Minutes
Director : Bertrand Delapierre


This is Home - Candide Thovex et Henry Sildaru

Image Credit: Flickr/ Tom Chat

Short but powerful, "This is Home," follows French skier, entrepreneur and filmmaker "King Candide Thovex" and 10-year-old Henry Sildaru–showing us what the future holds for the younger generation of skiers.

Length: 4 Minutes
Director : Faction Collective - Etienne Merel


Waking Dream

Waking Dream - Official Trailer from Favret Sam on Vimeo.

"When your dreams get fulfilled in dreams, wouldn’t you rather skip reality?” Amidst the most beautiful and famous skiing locations in the world, skier Sam Favret and snowboarder Julien Herry are in search of some of the steepest, most lines in Chamonix.  In "Waking Dream" follow a local and a guide, backcountry and steep skiing experts down some of the most gut-wrenching lines in the Mont Blanc Massif. 

Length: 26 Minutes
Director: Invade Media Production


Riso Patron

Image Credit: Flickr/OrangeLime

Deemed impossible, the towering and technical 2550 meter peak in the remote Patagonian region of Chile sparked the attention of Jérome Sullivan, Lise Billon, Diego Simari, Martin Elias and Antoine Moineville–who make bets to attempt the summit. An inspiration for adventure and proof that one can do what they set their mind to, "Riso Patron" is a virtual expedition with 5 wild mountaineers into the perils of high altitude climbing. 

Length: 50 Minutes
Director: Antoine Moineville


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