Oct 21st, 2019, 08:12 PM

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Historic Exhibition in Paris

By Husam Ibrahim
The Last Supper (c. 1495-1496) by Leonardo da Vinci, image credit Wikimedia Commons
The Louvre will be commemorating 500 years of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death by gathering 160 of the artist’s works from around the world

The exhibition is now open and runs on till February 24, 2020. Though the event is open for a considerable amount of time, more than 150,000 tickets have already been sold. The team at the Louvre has been working towards the event for 10 years in order to gather the revolutionary artist's works. The rigorous and complicated process of collecting the Italian Renaissance artist’s collection was met with delays due to international disputes. Italy’s undersecretary for culture, Lucia Borgonzoni accused France of treating Italy’s culture as if it were a “supermarket”.

The issues have since been resolved and the exhibition will be set up into 4 segments that showcase Da Vinci’s life biographically from his time in Italy to his later years in France. The segments will focus on the progress of his artistic desires and abilities.  

The Annunciation by Leonardo Da  Vinci, image credit: Wikimedia Commons 

The museum has put forth efforts to show how Leonardo da Vinci "placed painting above all activity, and the way in which his investigation of the world - he called it the science of painting, was the instrument of an art whose ambition was none other than to give life to his paintings," said a museum representative during the press opening of the exhibition this Friday.

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, manuscripts and other works of art have accumulated from reputable institutes such as: the Institut de France, the Royal Collection, the National Gallery of London, the Vatican Art Gallery, the British Museum, the Ambrosian Library of Milan, the Galleries of the Accademia of Venice, the Galleria Nazionale de Parma and the Metropolitan Museum of New York along with many others. 

Tickets for the exhibition can be bought online at the Louvre’s official website. Due to high demand, tickets must be reserved for specific dates and time slots.