May 10th, 2017, 07:12 PM

13 Reasons Why You Will Binge-Watch "13 Reasons Why"

By Marina Simiaut
Netflix's newest TV show is creating a lot of buzz and controversy because it addresses a sensitive issue: teen suicide.

"13 Reasons Why" is about a teenager, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide. At the beginning of the first episode, the tragedy already happened weeks ago and the school is still grieving. Very quickly, the viewer realizes that the show will be partly composed of flashbacks of Hannah’s life.

Here's why you have to start binge-watching "13 Reasons Why" now.

1. Treats an important subject and raises awareness about harassment, bullying, and suicide.

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The theme of suicide, along with harassment and bullying, is constantly present throughout the series. Suicide is always a delicate subject. I personally admire how the producers treat it in this series. Others have argued like it's too stereotyped. Others have complained that the series treats suicide as a banality. But overall, the show has brought attention to this issue and encouraged many people who are struggling to reach out for help.

2. The structure makes you feel like you’re part of the show.

Image credit: Netflix

The fact that every episode represents one of the cassettes is just amazing. You really feel like you’re part of the show. Like you are one of them, and you received the tapes too. Same as Clay, Justin, Jessica, etc.  — you watch the episodes and follow Hannah’s voice through her past. And, same as the characters, you just can’t stop listening/watching, which is why everyone watches the 13 episodes in a day. Or is that just me?

3. The suspense that makes you watch the whole season in a day.

As noted, each tape is about one character and how that specific character gave Hannah a reason to kill herself. So when Clay Jensen receives the tapes, and starts listening, the suspense is at its peak. You will want to know who else got the tapes, what happened to Hannah, and how Clay fits into the story. To find out, watch! 

4. The love story between Hannah and Clay, a modern Romeo and Juliette.

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What is a good series without a love story? But in "13 Reasons Why", it’s not a usual love story. Clay finally admits to himself that he is in love with Hannah, but only after she dies. This impossible romance is heartbreaking, but it’s still beautiful to watch Clay have romantic flashbacks about Hannah.

5. The drama: you’ll cry.

I loved this show, but I also hated it. Why? Because it made me cry so much. It’s exactly the kind of show that you watch on a rainy afternoon, with some ice cream in bed. From the beginning to the end, this show is full of drama. But isn’t that what we adore the most?

6. The flashbacks. Who doesn’t love flashbacks?

I LOVE flashbacks. I can’t explain why, but I am pretty sure you know what I mean. I loved being able to experience Hannah’s past through the eyes of the different characters. You get to know the characters deeply, what they were feeling at a precise moment, and all of that while you imagine Hannah recording her tapes.

7. The fact that the book is highly regarded.

Yes, there was a book before the show. And it is really good. I read it a day before starting to watch the show, because I wanted more insight into it. You should definitely read it if you enjoyed the show. 

8.  The cast.

Image credit: Netflix

Which brings me to the cast. I couldn’t have imagined a better Clay Jensen when I was reading the book. Dylan Minnette is perfect for the role. Same for Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker. Playing the role of a teenager who kills herself is not easy. Langford gives an amazing performance. 

9. The website.

One of the coolest thing about "13 Reasons Why" has to be the book's website where you can find readers' reactions, info about the book and the author, and of course...Hannah’s tapes, recorded and filmed, for you to listen to them while reading the book. How amazing is that?

10. The soundtrack.

If you have watched the show, you know what I am talking about. These amazing songs, such as the one during Hannah and Clay’s dance, or all of the other songs that constitute the amazing playlist that I now have on my phone and listen to every day. Everyone knows how important it is in a movie or in a TV show to have a cool soundtrack. Well, the "13 Reasons Why" soundtrack is fabulous. Believe me, you’ll use your Shazam app more than once.

11. The denunciation of men's behavior. 

The show not only treats suicide and bullying, it also treats in a less explicit way male domination of women. Indeed, through Hannah’s story you see how, from the first tape, she talks about being humiliated by Justin.

[SPOILER] On total, amongst 13 tapes, 11 were destined for men. Hannah clearly says that men drove her to kill herself by shaming her and taking advantage of her.

Now that she is dead, every male character that has received a tape is completely devastated, and feel tremendously guilty. Hannah denounces men who shame and use women through verbal or physical assaults. 

12. The suicide scene.

The suicide scene is the most shocking scene of the show. The producers really took a huge risk filming it, and it has triggered a lot of controversy. Some think the scene is too explicit for teenagers who watch the show, but others really think it was necessary to show a shocking scene to raise awareness. 

13. // SPOILER ALERT // The end that gives us hope for a second season.

This one has a huge spoiler alert. Do not read it if you haven’t finished the show.

In the last episode, Tony gives the tapes to Hannah’s parents, right before the trial between them and the school. Those tapes can change everything and the producers left everyone wondering what happened next. Another thing that happens during the last episode: Alex, one of the main characters, shoot himself. Again, we are left with questions such as why? What happened? Why did he kill himself?

With final twists like that, it is very likely that "13 Reasons Why" will have a second season.